The PSOE accuses the PP had dropped to "the sewer of politics" to continue to chair the Waste Consortium

El consorcio de basuras está en el punto de mira desde la sentencia que ordenaba repetir la elección del ógano de gobierno.

The consortium waste is in the spotlight since the judgment ordering repeat the election of the governing body.

The 20 municipalities governed by the PSOE will ask to leave the Consortium to "opacity" that governs the supramunicipal body.

The twenty municipalities governed by the PSOE in the regions of Almanzora, Levante and Los Vélez will formally request his departure from Waste Consortium, after the operation that has led the Popular Party to hold the presidency of the supramunicipal body, the price of "twist the democratic will" of several municipalities. This has expressed the Socialist Party spokesman in the Provincial de Almería and mayor of Seron, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, who has accused the PP had dropped to "the sewer of politics" to continue to display the direction of the Consortium and manage "one of the largest public management contracts there in the province", although it has been at the expense of "violating the rights of citizens".

"The socialist mayors no longer trust the companions with whom we founded the consortium", He has admitted. "When you try to trick over and over again, when you have to go to court so that the rights of your neighbors are not violated and when you see that, also, the person who abstains in principle for the election of president, five minutes later comes to be vice president, one is left dumbfounded ", he lamented.

Also, Lorenzo has also referred to the performance of the government team of the Provincial Council and has indicated that he does not understand "how not blush Council and its president, Gabriel Amat, when they are working with the band of vulneradores, tried and convicted ". "The council should be out of these tribulations maintained- -HA, but we wonder if it has something to do with it ".


The vote for the election of the president of the Consortium of Waste del Almanzora, Levante and Los Vélez had to be repeated on Friday, 27 January, after a court ruling that concluded that the initial vote in September -realizada 2015 and in which a vote was granted to each of the 46 member districts, without the weight of population is weighted each- was illegal.

The PSOE have ensured that, in the year and a half elapsed between the first vote and second, the PP "has been doing its work in the sewers of politics" to "twist the democratic will" of two municipalities, Velez-Rubio and Cuevas del Almanzora, plus I have also tried in Albox.

In this sense, Secretary of Municipal and Institutional Policy PSOE de Almería, Adela Segura, He recalled that, Velez-Rubio, It nonassigned the councilor who made it possible for the PP to the PSOE vacate the Mayor and, posteriormente, the new alderman entered as a municipal representative in the Consortium, He works in a concessionaire Waste Consortium.

As for Cuevas del Almanzora, a motion of the PP enabled the City Council representative in the Consortium was a councilor for Citizens, the same, in the vote on Friday, He refrained first to facilitate the victory of the PP and then was named vice president. This situation is accompanied by the PP presented a motion in the municipality of Cuevas to be Indalecio Modesto who would take the representation of the municipality to the detriment of the mayor, Antonio Fernández. Following this, many have been stipulated quinielas, leaving doubts last Friday and confirming what many suspected. Despite this, Councilman Citizen says that the local government pact “It has nothing to do with it”.

With regard to Albox, last summer there was "a failed attempt", in the words of Segura, City Council to put in the hands of the PP, with the collaboration of a PSOE councilor expelled whose girlfriend also works for a concessionaire Consortium.

"We wonder if this company is serving as an instrument of that policy cockney, offering jobs where you enter after breaking the democratic commitment we have with citizens ", he pointed Juan Lorenzo Antonio.

At the press conference this morning has also involved the mayor of Arboleas and PSOE candidate for president of the Consortium, Cristóbal García, who has said he does not understand "why it is so important that you have the Consortium, if at the end of the day it comes to managing junk ". In the same idea has coincided Adela Segura, when asked "what interest there is in manipulating the representatives of the Consortium". "Our goal is not to sit in the direction of the Consortium -HA finished-,we want to improve the functioning of the management is done for the citizens ".