The Provincial Heritage Program Almería reach twenty towns full of history and culture


The Provincial Heritage Program 2018, driven from the area of ​​Culture of the Provincial de Almería, they will arrive, throughout this year, some twenty municipalities, full of history and culture almeriense, with the aim of disseminating the heritage that have left the province “many towns” that she has gone over time.

Deputy Culture, Antonio Jesus Rodriguez, accompanied by representatives of some of the municipalities participating in this year's Provincial Heritage Program, He has been in charge of presenting this initiative Wednesday, born three years ago, with the intention of “raise awareness of the rich historical heritage, artistic and archaeological heritage of the province, and must be preserved, promoted and disseminated by government”.

In this issue, in which they have added twenty municipalities, the Provincial Heritage Program “It is marked by three special circumstances”: statement 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, celebration 450 anniversary of the uprising of the Moriscos in the Alpujarras, which will mark between 2018 and 2020, and dissemination of artwork and historical background of quality replicas generated by the Provincial Heritage Program 2017.

The Provincial Heritage Program is “one of the major projects of the Provincial de Almería to publicize the historical heritage of the province, taking, mainly, the demands of municipalities”, Rodriguez noted. En total, This cultural program is divided into five large blocks.

On the one hand, Workshops Historical Clothing, arisen for “provide historical rigor recreations” They organized in Almeria with the development of a wardrobe “right and true” the historical period in which the events staged fall. These workshops are taught by a specialist tailor in historical clothing and factual documentation patronaje, designs and fabrics.

This year, They will be nine municipalities in which these workshops will be held: Macael, where the dress of caciques and flowerbeds will be recreated in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; Fiñana, which they will focus on the development of historical costumes to commemorate the passage of Catholic Kings by the people in the year 1489; Vélez-Blanco, where costumed medieval prepare for the dinner included in the Renaissance Days; and Padules, where they will continue with the preparation of the sixteenth century clothing for the recreation of the Peace Alpujarras. Also, These workshops will also be in Velez-Rubio, to create the costumes for the opening of the Church of the Incarnation and the visit of the Marquis of Vélez to the town in the eighteenth century; Laujar de Andarax, to develop the clothing of the participants in the Via Crucis Popular; in Terque, where it will be enriched costumed, nineteenth century, Trades Day organized annually; one Tahal, where sixteenth century costumes will be developed on the occasion of the Second Conference Historical around the figure of 'The Joraique'; and Olula de Castro and Turrillas, to prepare the costumes of the Moors and Christians in the months of September and October.

The second pillar of Provincial Heritage Program are the Days of Dissemination of Recreations and Historical Festival, where the Diputación de Almería carries out actions of awareness about these events and helps municipalities to successfully organize and historical accuracy. One of the events included in this section is 'Padules 1570', a project exhibition, parades and camps in the recreation of the Peace Alpujarras included, held last May. On the other hand, day 21 and 22 September, They will repeat the historic days of Tahal, centered The Joraique ', an important character in the Moorish rebellion.

Finana, the visit of the Catholic Kings was commemorated in 1489, after the conquest of Almería, through various outreach activities of this fact and the recreation of the same next 29 December. Velez-Blanco, coinciding with Renaissance Days, there will be a historical parade 28 July; and Olula de Castro, the thirtieth anniversary of the Moors and Christians with entertainment and educational proposals will be held, between 3 and 11 November.

Last, in Alcudia de Monteagud, Gérgal, Lubrín, Turrillas, Las Tres Villas, Velefique Sienese and traditions will be disseminated in relations between Christians and Moors with the publication of a comic book about these stories, accessible for all ages, and texts compiled in Ocaña, Las Tres Villas.

This third edition of the Provincial Heritage Program also includes the presentation of a book guide cultural routes “to enjoy”, in which the itineraries made are collected from 2014 to commemorate the Millennium of the Kingdom of Almería. The publication will be presented to the public next 7 June, Mandarino in the courtyard of the capital.

Artwork and historical replicas generated by the Heritage Program 2017 They will allow for a series of roadshows, to complete editions of books, conferences, videos the historical events. So, the exhibition "Christian and Moorish Spain in the sixteenth century ', centered on the Moorish rebellion, will pass through Velez Rubio in July, by Purchena, of 23 to the 28 July, by Alboloduy, of 17 to the 23 September, by Padules, in September, and Laujar de Andarax, of 3 to the 11 November.

Exposure 'Almeria Roman', emerged from the photographs and video of historical recreation 'Murgi, Roman city’ of 2017, It is also available to municipalities that request and, moment, You will be in El Ejido, in July, and Carboneras and Lucar, in September.

'The kitchen in Al-Andalus. Hispanomusulmana hundred years of culinary tradition on your table’ It will be the third sample programming, inspired by a recipe book of the same name, and will be in Padules, the 14 July, Velez-Blanco, the 22 July, en Purchena, the 25 July, and Vera, the 21 September, one Tahal, the 22 September, in Alboloduy, the 23 September, and in Laujar de Andarax, the 11 November.

Last, the fifth pillar of Provincial Heritage Program are the 'Encounters with History', aimed at tourist areas, cultural and educational, to spread the story, almeriense monuments and heritage. This time, the city chosen to host this conference is Laujar de Andarax, as one of the headquarters of the International Congress '450 years of the War of the Alpujarras', day 10 and 11 November.

Source: EuropaPress