The Rural Development Programme envisages 112 million euros to promote the improvement of irrigation Andalusian


The Rural Development Programme (PDR) Andalusian contemplates a game of 112 million for “promote actions to improve the irrigation, which will be dedicated primarily to investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy”, as reported by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Carmen Ortiz. The representative of the regional government in parliamentary Commission explained the measures that the Board is working to overcome the water shortage for irrigation of crops in the province of Almería.

In this sense, recalled the request has been moved by letter, last day 23 October, the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, what for “lower the price of desalinated water for the irrigation of the Almeria province, as it has done for the Region of Murcia”. Ortiz added that other requirements of the Ministry is to be put in place “measures to reduce the high energy cost of irrigation and desalination plants in Andalusia, so that our farmers can produce equal”.

The Minister has called for the state to rebuild the desalination of Cuevas, that the flood was a few years ago and recalled that since the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning has also been raised to the Ministry increase the transfer of resources from the Negratín to help reduce the water deficit by two-thirds 2027.

Almeria horticulture

The counselor, which intervened in parliamentary hearing to discuss the intensive horticultural sector Almeria, He gave an overview of the main strengths and challenges in this sector, which stressed their productive potential as a generator of wealth and employment for Andalusia. So, he pointed out that the Almeria agricultural production reaches a value of 2.132 million, more than a fifth of the total Andalusian. The 83% this production, above 1.700 million, It generates horticultural production, which it occupies an area of 56.868 hectares, and represents over 60% Billing the Andalusian horticultural sector.

Equally, Ortiz reiterated the commitment of regional government for this sector to continue to grow and progress in an increasingly global market with more competitors. For this, through the Ministry have articulated a series of measures to modernize farms and industries, the transfer of knowledge and innovation, and to achieve more sustainable production. To the minister, There are issues on which “we must continue working among all such as innovation and technological change, seeking partnerships, and internationalization, inter alia”.

In response to a question from PP, The minister explained that the table Andalusian horticultural sector that promised to create has not been made yet "because the sector agrees" on it. "I made a proposal in September, I want to fulfill my commitment, and I'm looking forward to an agreement occurs and tell me we will establish it ", It has been claimed.