The first Municipal Citizen Observatory is created in Vera Almeria


Next 20 November will be the official presentation of the Municipal Citizen Observatory (OCM) de Vera. The event will take place in the multipurpose room of the municipality and will start at 20:30 hours. The event will feature the participation of Rosendo Torrent (OCM Badalona member and one of the founders of OCMunicipal) and Francisco Jimenez (Sewer member of CMO), in addition to the intervention of the local COM. In this manner, Municipal Citizen Observatory Vera definitively integrated into the state network that OCMs, In this moment, has almost 40 observatories on active. This is the first to be created in the province of Almería.

What is an Observatory? A citizen space managed by the citizens themselves defending, basic principles, transparency and participation. What for? From OCMs it is considered necessary to create institutions observe and government fiscalicen, namely, our work is held in the idea that the more we look to public officers, behave better. How do we do it? Two ways. In the Observatories it has a tool -OCAX- for visualize a simple and understandable way municipal budgets in our town. The first task is this: Openly offering approved in each fiscal year as well as modifications budgets and executions. Also, from OCMs facilitate and optimize public consultations the session.

En Vera, OCM took the first step to its constitution last May, when a group of neighbors and neighbors began to gather to understand the budgets of the town. In this manner, He analyzed and published in an open and manageable format the municipal budget this year; They began to make themselves visible in social networks; finally, we established us as an association. By presenting join the network state and OCMs, at the same time, They are presented to the entire municipality as a tool for citizen participation.