The Budget Zurgena 2016 increases in 500.000 euros


The municipal government of Zurgena have a Municipal Budget 2.516.821 euros to manage the municipality during exercise 2016. The figure increases by almost half a million euros compared to the previous year, when the municipal accounts were 2.091.551 euros. This produces an increase in 425.270 euros compared to last year's budget 2015. The City of Zurgena and continues with its policy of budgetary stability after the surplus of last year and which results in a steady economic recovery based on the balance and transparency of accounts.

One of the items that will benefit most will be the real investment, reaches the 541.856 euros. This represents an increase of 141.778 which will increase infrastructure investments, basic services and different works throughout the municipality of Zurgena. Among the priorities, the mayor of the town, Luis Diaz, He stressed future work as "the settlement and stabilization of hills, maintenance and creation of new parks and green areas in neighborhoods, improving all access to the town "and other services that" although an lower investment will make a great tool for our citizens as an application for mobile phones with all the information about Zurgena and from which you can send any issues that are in our streets or municipal facilities ".

also grow items such as social policies aimed at the elderly, as well as cleaning the town. It has also increased the amount that the City materializes support for different cultural associations of the municipality and groups such as farmers. The chapter staff remains virtually unchanged compared to the previous year.

Also, include the work done for the classification of the municipal inventory and the increase in equity to be used by all zurgeneros, not only recovery and acquisition of different properties but also municipal land. Accounts went ahead in the municipal plenary session on Friday morning with the positive vote of the council of the Socialist Party of Zurgena, while only he obtained one vote against Citizens.

Help Desk and creation of the Local Security Board

Note that the increase in almost half a million euros in the accounts of the City of Zurgena has occurred without the government team established any increase in taxes on the citizens of the municipality. These budgets "will allow Zurgena continue to grow as it has done in recent years, although we know that we still have a long way to go ", He noted the mayor, Luis Diaz. Moreover the Consistory of Zurgena continues its policy of encouraging entrepreneurship and has been extended again by a new ordinance eliminating the fee for opening a business or start a business in the municipality, so the entrepreneur will not have to pay a single euro to the City.

At the same plenary session it approved the constitution of the Local Security Board in order to increase public safety throughout the municipality through the coordination of the different Forces and State Security. Also, budgets take into account the continuity of service Help Desk, the window of customer service in English speaking and who have benefited hundreds of residents of the municipality in the past year they found an answer to your questions and doubts about such diverse topics as are municipal procedures or acquisition card health, among many other issues.