Unemployment rises in Almería during the month of August

Almería registered unemployment during the month of August stood at 66.768 people, up in 1.800 standing against July (a 2,77% in relative terms). On-year drop in unemployment 5,21% and in 3.670 people in absolute terms.

Last August, As is usual in historical series, unemployment rises as a result of inactivity in the centers for handling horticultural products and without employment in the tourism sector being able to compensate. In year-on-year terms, unemployment continues to evolve positively as the province has 3.670 unemployed less than in the same month last year (a 5% less). The positive year-on-year evolution of unemployment among the group Without Previous Employment stands out, which has decreased in one year in 658 unemployed (a 11%).

By sex, male unemployment rises in 917 people (assuming a total of 29.199 the unemployed) and the feminine rises in 883 people (reaching the figure of 37.569 unemployed women in the province). In relative terms, male unemployment represents the 44% and the feminine the 56%. By activity sectors, unemployment fell between Agriculture in 328 unemployed and in the group Without Previous Employment in 44 less unemployed. It rose instead in Industry in 78 unemployed, under construction in 303 unemployed and in services in 1.791 more unemployed.

By ages, the unemployed under 25 years go up in 160 compared to july, amounting to a total of 5.249 the young unemployed, while among those over that age unemployment rose by 1.640 people, being 61.519 the unemployed. Unemployment among minors 25 years has decreased compared to the same month of the previous year in 651 unemployed, what in relative terms a 15,7% less. The year-on-year reduction rate in youth unemployment is maintained at figures higher than 10%.


In August, 24.350 contracts, 4.740 contracts less than the previous month. This figure represents an increase in 0,29% about the same month of the previous year, 70 more contracts in absolute terms, being the month of August that has registered the highest number of contracts in the last 10 years old. Of the total contracts registered 1.295 they have been indefinite contracts (5,72%). It supposes an increase in the permanent hiring of the 7,83 % (94 contracts) compared to the same month of the previous year

Unemployment benefits

In July, the State Public Employment Service recognized the right to unemployment protection in the province of Almería in an average of 4,58 days. Spending on unemployment benefits, accrued in the provincial payroll for July and accounted for in August, amounted to 34,97 million euros and benefited 43.976 unemployed. The coverage index of unemployment protection in the province of Almería this month is 70,8%, which means a coverage much higher than the national average (58,8%).