Calar Alto Observatory activity program to see the moon with a telescope 1,23 meters

Calar Alto Observatory.

Calar Alto Observatory.

Intending to bring all science, and particularly research in astronomy and astrophysics is done from this research center, Calar Alto Observatory makes available to the public his professional telescope 1,23 meters for observation activity spectacular astronomical object: Luna.

Activity, which will take place next 8 April from the 19:30, It has a maximum capacity of sixty people. From the Observatory website You can access the platform reservations and information on the development of the same.

The session will include a discussion of disclosure that will discuss the detection of meteoroid impacts on the Moon and on small solar system body, by Nicolas Morales researcher at the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC). activity guidance and interpretation of the night sky will also be held, astronomers developed by Azimuth, and a session of astronomical observation through binoculars large, ideal for observing large portions of sky and extensive astronomical objects.

This activity is part of the regular program of visits to Calar Alto Observatory, which started in March 2016 and it has allowed more than three thousand people from accessing facilities greater continental Europe Observatory. "The success of these activities shows the great interest of citizens in science and astronomy, and from Calar Alto we are very proud to contribute to that interest continues to grow ", Jesus points Aceituno, director of the observatory.

Since the company Azimuth, which manages activities, advance this kind of specific events related to astronomical phenomena are an excellent complement to the consolidated visits, and they are already planning a session to view the meteor shower Perseids from the Observatory next August.