The new school year begins in Almería with almost 400 more teachers in public schools

The new school year 2017-2018 will count in the province of Almeria with a public template 10.476 teachers, almost 400 more than the previous year, to serve a total of 160.033 students from non-university education -7.965 of them are school three years which are incorporated first into the classroom- in 486 centers supported by public funds. These are the main figures of the school year that begins the day 11 and they presented today the government delegate of the Board, Grace Fernandez, and territorial delegate of Education, Francisca Fernández.

The Government delegate highlighted the increase in teaching staff, "The greatest of the last decade in Andalusia", and he referred to measures to support public teachers, including strengthening continuing education and intensified efforts already in place for educational administration debureaucratizing. Gracia Fernández has stated objectives of the Board in this academic year progress in personalized attention of students, the consolidation of Vocational Training and the implementation of the new Strategy for School Coexistence in Andalusia attention to the most vulnerable groups and the phenomenon of bullying and cyberbullying.

"The Board defends the right to education and guarantees a public education system based on fairness and equal opportunities", he assured the delegate of the Government to explain investments in education infrastructure, maintenance and expansion of the various plans and programs of complementary services (transport, morning class, dining and extracurricular activities) and bonuses to support families.

During the course 2017/18, total 176 centers of the province have to attend school canteen 17.893 students. Morning class service is 136 centers 9.899 users and 159 centers offer after-school activities 13.635 users. The delegate of Education, Francisca Fernández, It is reported the entry into force of the new Decree 6/2017 which regulates the complementary services and which includes the provision of dining at authorized centers will be guaranteed not only when the user is student busing or when you are in extreme social difficulties, but also when those who hold the guardianship and custody of the pupil to perform a job or gainful occupation that justifies the failure to attend to in the schedule for the service. This circumstance may be credited at the time that happens throughout the course.


As for the free school transport, 15.690 children will benefit from this service in the 172 authorized routes serving 159 centers ordinary transport and 116 special transport. The Board devoted to this program about 12 million. The delegate of Education has stressed maintaining the supply of programs that the Board "contributes significantly to mitigate spending the school year means for families".


aids, bonuses and gratuity

Through the gratuity of some services and support system linked to other, almeriense home one can get to have up 5.000 euros in bonuses. In this sense, Francisca Fernández recalled that "in Andalusia, Unlike other regions, gratuity of textbooks in compulsory education and free school transport remains, including students in post compulsory stages ". "This course is not public preschools rates of increase 0 a 3 years or complementary services (morning class, extracurricular activities and dining) while the bonus system that allows stays, for example, more than half of the users of school canteens do it for free ", stressed.


As for the infrastructure and equipment, The Minister of Education has referred to the efforts made throughout the year and, especially in the summer months, in the execution of about 70 performances that include center construction, the works of expansion and reform, the withdrawal of prefabricated classrooms, asbestos removal and related to the improvement of air conditioning, prior to the implementation of the Plan of Sustainable Climate and Energy Rehabilitation in schools. Francisca Fernández highlighted the elimination 2017 twenty prefabricated classrooms and announced the withdrawal of another twelve before year-end.


Attention to diversity and bilingualism

In the field of attention to diversity, the 95% of the school population with special educational needs it is schooled in mainstream schools and the rest in specific special education centers supported by public funds, "A fact that endorses the commitment and the commitment of the Board by the actual educational inclusion of all students", He noted the delegate of Education. Each year the specialized depending on the needs identified resources are increased and this course have created five new classrooms for the attention of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and three new classrooms in mainstream schools Specific, They are making a total in the province of 145 (110 specific classrooms and 35 Aulas TEA); there's also 3 new resources Hearing and Language, as well as 3 new teachers specialized in Therapeutic Pedagogy Behavior Disorders Graves.

Under the Strategic Development Plan of Languages, Almeria province will this course 103 bilingual schools, a program to seven schools and colleges are incorporated: CEIP Rafael Alberti (Almería); CEIP Juan Sebastian Elcano (San Isidro, Nijar); CEIP Immaculate Conception (Alhama); IES Algazul (Roquetas de Mar); IES Manuel de Gongora (Taverns); IES Celia Viñas (Almería) and IES Los Angeles (Almería). Also, two new bilingual vocational training of higher degree are added to the seven existing. It is Socio-Cultural Animation and Tourism in the IES Gaviota Adra and Administrative Management IES Campos de Níjar Campohermoso. The students included in the program of bilingualism in Almería for the course 2017-2018 will exceed 31.600, attended by 550 teachers, which they will have the collaboration of 96 language assistants, 17 more than last year.

Vocational training

Regarding the process of transformation of vocational training towards greater adaptation of the offer of vocational training to the needs of the productive sectors of the province, the training offer in Almería Initial FP is extended by a total of 12 securities that are held in nine centers. The Board continues to push FP DUAL mode that allows students to acquire professional skills in alternation between school and training company, the increase was particularly significant. If in the course 2016/2017 They were delivered 9 cycles in this embodiment, in the course 2017/2018 They will be given a total of 16.

The total number of places in the province totals 6.360 (2.153 to Higher Level Training Cycles corresponds, 3.128 to middle grade, 815 to Basic Training, 24 Specific to Basic Training, and 120 a CPPACF). In addition to the supply of places aimed at students with general, three specific programs of basic vocational training that are aimed at students with special educational needs are offered.