Marble explains the Minister of Economy demands facing the industry Strategic Plan


After the attendance of the president of the Andalusian, Susana Diaz Awards Macael, together with their employment minister, Business and Trade, José Sánchez Maldonado, and other representatives of various institutions and agencies of the Andalusian Administration, where the president of EEA, Antonio Sanchez Tapia, He moved the needs and demands of the sector over the coming years, and main line of action, the creation and promotion of a III Strategic Plan for the sector.

The last friday, 13 November, the Minister of Economy and Knowledge Antonio Ramirez de Arellano Lopez visited Macael to start raising the necessary strategies for the strategic plan a reality, where after visiting CTAP and Cosentino, he met with the leaders of EEA to learn more in detail, the demands made by the employers and they would encompassed in the strategic plan: brand promotion Macael, internationalization individually and lasting in time, formation and implementation of brand concepts for small and medium enterprises in this sector, individually but also in the pool or the IGP Designation of Origin.

Both counseling, as university and entrepreneurs approached positions, y estratégicas comunes de cara a poner en marcha dicho Plan Estratégico 2016.