The Court cites Purchena Marcos Reche Researched the same day as declaring the former mayor of Oria in the Provincial Court

Oria Town Hall.

Oria Town Hall.

Almería Provincial Court is scheduled to hold the hearing Thursday against the socialist former mayor of Oria José Pérez, for a continuing offense of administrative malfeasance considering that under his management between 2007 and 2011 He hired 46 people “without any selective process” and “a higher number authorized” according to budgets.

The Prosecutor's Office will request ten years of disqualification for employment or public office in the trial, understanding that the former mayor “made a series of decisions that you did not document in writing”, what were they “contrary to the legal system” and before which only imposed “their free judgment and will regardless of the suitability of the beneficiaries and the public service”

The Public Ministry affirms that, in nine of the cases, “not only was there no contracting procedure, they were not even registered with Social Security nor was an employment contract formalized ”.

On the other hand, the Purchena Court quotes for the same day, 19/01/2017, to the current mayor of Oria, D. Marcos Reche to declare as an accused, for having refused to give possession to the Municipal Secretary head of the City Council itself, Ms Maria Jesús Sánchez Sáez,

This made the attempt to join her position as Secretary of the City of Oria and was refused by the municipal government chaired by Marcos Reche, claiming to have already covered and satisfied the place by the accidental official D. Domingo Carrillo. This summons makes it difficult for José Pérez's defense attorney to cover both summons, one in Almería and one in Purchena, reason why he expresses his “perplexity at the summons from one day to the next of the Court of Purchena, knowing that the appointment in the Provincial Court was fixed for quite some time and with public knowledge ”, reason why "he expresses his surprise at the manifest inability to be able to go to both places at the same time".