AMI presents the book 'Women of Earth Almerienses'

Francisca Serrano, Provincial Coordinator AMI.

Francisca Serrano, Provincial Coordinator AMI.

The work includes the values ​​of courage and entrepreneurship through fifteen stories of empowerment in rural areas.

The Andalusian Institute for Women (NOW) today organized an act of presentation of the book 'Women of Earth Almerienses', Araceli written by Sobrino. This work provides information about the growing initiative by women working careers in fields traditionally occupied by men and a visibly positive and motivating for many others that still have not been released to surround these employment niches.

The ceremony was presided over by the provincial coordinator of the AMI, Francisca Serrano, who has held this author's ability to take the role these stories of women's professional improvement and success. Serrano said that "more and more women are entering professional sectors masculinized by the weight of tradition and history, but they have a perfect fit for women with interest on them perform ".

Serrano recalled that "the IAM insists on claiming in all forums that present women represent an important support of society, of families and markets, and can play -in equal- those jobs traditionally for men, with the same quality and with the same successful results ". He states that "it is time to make self-management skills and initiative of women highly visible, so that they are assumed in all social areas such as engine change a society that claims to overcome old chauvinistic voices schemes only help generate discomfort, inequality and suffering, both men and women, but especially women, because they see limited possibilities and future expectations in many cases "

Earth Women Almeriense account the different stories of women directly linked to the land, in work 'so-called men', as agriculture, livestock, oenology, rural tourism, agricultural engineering, olive cultivation, botany, agrotourism, etc.. All these stories represent women of this century, amply prepared and job.

The provincial coordinator of IAM recalled that "inequality between men and women based on stereotypes that have been passed down from generation to generation, without questioning their validity and usefulness to the citizens of this society; For this reason it is of great value to have the commitment of Authors like today presents the book 'Women of Earth Almerienses', to which we owe a granite in the fight against discrimination ".

Municipal Information Centers for Women

Almeria province has 14 Municipal Information Centers for Women that allow easy and immediate access to all persons who may need advice on gender issues, and especially women living in rural areas, Since the socio-cultural characteristics of these areas could make it harder to take a gender perspective into all dimensions of interest in the lives of women, such as the workplace, educational, familiar, cultural and social, with obvious consequences in order to achieve adequate levels of quality of life.

these Centers, from which a global intervention aimed at women articulates, They are subsidized by the Andalusian Women's Institute, and they are located in 14 municipalities in the province: Adra, Albox, Berja, Singing, Cuevas del Almanzora, El Ejido, Huercal-Overa, Macael, Nijar, Pulpí, Roquetas de Mar, Velez-Rubio, Vera and Vicar. Also, They have a professional staff ready to assist women victims of violence from a comprehensive perspective, and perform personal development activities to assist their empowerment, and they work to promote women's employability and equal in their territories.

The objectives of these centers are facilitating the participation and presence of women in political life, cultural and social, and their participation in the decision-making process favoring gender perspective in municipal politics. These centers collect the specific demands of women's groups, with special attention to those related to situations of discrimination and gender inequality.

Public Administrations, as well as civil society and, above all, women themselves, play an important role in creating these conditions, enabling the development of programs to achieve real equality of opportunity, as well as strategies to offset imbalances. During the year 2016, the Andalusian Regional Government has allocated to its operation in the province of Almeria total 431.941,89 euros, so they have developed different programs of action to improve the status of women, progress in eliminating discrimination situations. Similarly, He has worked in the promotion of women's associations, stimulating their creation and development and promoting research on the local situation of women in various fields.

The need for more active participation of women, in the development and implementation of rural policies, It is vital for development of the main interests and demands of women, and to thus achieve a participatory rural development, equitable and sustainable, in a society that calls for equality and social justice that equates the conditions of men and women.