The group Teatro de la ONCE "Fourth Wall" presents its latest production in Huércal-Overa

Poster work.

Poster work.
Poster work.

Villa Huercal-Overa Theatre hosts next Friday 20 May, to 20:00 hours for an appointment with the Teatro Integration through Theatre Group of the ONCE Almeria "Fourth Wall", composed entirely of blind and visually impaired, that offer the performance of the play "Pobre Diablo", through the collaboration of the Department of Culture of the local council and the Delegation of ONCE in Almería. Admission is free until full capacity is reached.

The work “Pobre Diablo” is a montage produced by Escenalia and directed by Loreto Suárez, who since the foundation of the group, does already 14 years old, is in charge of their training and the production of all their shows.

This time, "Fourth Wall" offers a hilarious and crazy work, in which the events of Mengano are narrated, a devil something climbs and quite awkward, that today has come to earth directly from hell with very specific orders: sow evil and lash out the occasional mortal to take it to the infernal depths. For this it has powerful weapons: a magnetic gaze with which to stun naive humans, his magical transmutation arts, the guide of evil and the suit of "nobody" to become invisible.

However, Mengano does not know what awaits him, so it will take much more to dominate those "laziness, lazy, voyeurs and punches"Which are humans ...

The group

The theater group "Fourth Wall" was founded in the year 2002, becoming at that time the first youth theater group integrated into the O.N.C.E Theater Movement.

Throughout the group's fourteen years of existence, it has produced eight theatrical productions and has performed around one hundred performances of the different shows produced., both in provincial and national spaces. The group has participated in four of the National Theater Shows organized by the O.N.C.E. and in different theater shows. Thanks to his work and career, Year 2006 the group was awarded the "Young Almería" award in the associationism category, granted by the Andalusian Youth Institute, dependent on the Ministry for Equality and Social Welfare of the Junta de Andalucía.

In 2013 theater groups are awarded the O.N.C.E MAX award for their work in promoting the theater for thirty-five years.

Nowadays, The Association is made up of 8 members, all of them visually impaired.