El Festival Almizarock 2017 It is presented with numerous workshops and activities

Cartel del Almizarock 2017.

Cartel del Almizarock 2017.

The Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora collaborates with this activity to take place 13 May

Cuevas del Almanzora host next 13 de Mayo el festival Almizarock 2017. A musician Cultural Festival Nonprofit, confluence of all kinds of visual and performing arts in an environment ideal for the outdoor leisure and coexistence (Luis Siret Park), with the collaboration of the local council. Its content is aimed at all audiences, paying particular attention to children and families by designing a program of workshops and activities where music and art unite creativity and sustainability.

It is based on live music performances, painting exhibitions, monologues, magic and promotion and stands selling crafts.


Workshops form an essential part of Almizarock, then give the event a playful dynamic endowed with an educational background. With them it is to get the whole family, enhance creativity and instill values ​​such as sustainability and environmental awareness.

1.- Recycling workshop for children Game Hungry Hungry Hippos.

2.- Children's workshop Barro.

3.- Children's workshop Kitchen Mini Tarts.

4.- Children's workshop Creation Mural-Collage.

5.- Percussion Workshop.


1.- Theater

2.- monologues.

3.- Magic.

4.- Painting exhibitions.

5.- Photography exhibitions.


Charanga with Giants. Performance prior to opening doors (scheduled to 11:00 h.)

Almizarake stage performances:

– Musical performance of students in Municipal School of Music, Dance Theatre of Cuevas del Almanzora.

– Yera Teatro: humorous and colorful parades, where a sort of peculiar arrive safe harbor pirates, in order to spend all the treasure accumulated after years of theft and looting, which will result in the most comical situations we can imagine.

– Musical performances: "Flamenco Aire", “ValChemia”, “Bucket of Blues”, "Arrumbao", "Sur Effect" and "Nasty Bite".


Calguerín stage performances:





"Skala Richter".


More information:

Web page: www.almizarock.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/almizarock2017/

Twitter: @ Almizarock2017