Albert Hay Malotte Festival music will fill Purchena, who, literature and visual arts

17/09/2019 Presentación en la Diputación del festival que se celebra en Purchena POLITICA ANDALUCÍA ESPAÑA EUROPA ALMERÍA DIPUTACIÓN

Albert Hay Malotte Festival will fill the municipality of Purchena music, who, literature and art at an event held from 19 to the 28 September.

Albert Hay Malotte was a renowned pianist and author of soundtracks in 1938 He composed a score for piano entitled “Party Purchena”, a work that was inspired by the town Moriscos Games.

In order to honor the figure of this author, curiously he never visited Purchena, and conclude a comprehensive and ambitious cultural event with music, who, literature and visual arts as protagonists, the second edition of the festival is celebrated.

During those days Purchena host exhibitions, Musical performances, Roundtables, conferences, film shows, or sample sound experiments with electromagnetism workshop thanks to this biennial festival designed for all audiences.

This quote makes Purchena in music and film cultural epicenter, further tightening the bonds of the relationship of the province of Almeria with the seventh art.

Deputy Provincial Culture and Film, Manuel Guzman, He stressed that the coincidence of the discovery of the score 'Party in Purchena’ it has taken advantage of the City Council to turn it into an opportunity to create culture in the municipality”.

He indicated that the county council is working from the beginning with this proposal, and in the edition of the book 'Party in Purchena: Moriscos de Aben Humeya the Games in the work of composer Albert Hay Malotte ', written by Bartholomew Llorens and edited by the Institute of Studies Almerienses.

In this sense, he recalled that festivals like Albert Hay Malotte “meet several basic requirements that we have raised in the Culture and Film Council, and which we can be summarized in valuing our history and make a municipality becomes the epicenter of cultural activity in the province creating wealth and fighting depopulation”.

The coordinator of the Andalusian Institute of Youth, Rosa Maldonado, has stated that “It is a pride that municipalities like Purchena be a reference in Andalusia youth for their dynamism and how to work with them”.

“Proof of this is your concern, daily work and the second edition of the Festival that brings us together today”, has added.

Mayor of Purchena, Juan Miguel Tortosa, has thanked the Provincial Government and the Andalusian Institute of Youth for collaboration in the festival and highlighted the work of librarian Purchena, Manolo Sola, and artistic director, Bartholomew Llorens, programming.

Tortosa stressed that this event “enhances the universality of Aben Humeya Moriscos Games and is an opportunity for Purchena be consolidated as a reference for the cultural development of the province”.

Last, Bartolomé Llorens has shelled the festival program, and it pointed out that the programming of this edition follows the same criteria as the first, held in 2017, and summarized in “honoring the figure of Albert Hay Malotte and his piece dedicated to the Moriscos Games met through some English translations of texts from the Middle Ages”.

“He fell in love with the art form and decided to create this work, so festival is justified by the excellent response of the people of Purchena in the first edition”, It has been claimed.

The official opening of the festival, jointly collaborate in the Provincial, Purchena Town Hall and the Andalusian Institute of Youth, will take place on Friday, to 21,00 hours, concert opening Symbolists and Impressionists, by the duo 'The time Spanish’ –Laura Moyano, soprano, and Santiago Alonso, piano) and Maria Jose Sola Ávila– Escénica room in the new City of Purchena.