The team Employment shuttle Cuevas del Almanzora prepares his exit to the labor market

Miguel Angel delegate Tortosa, with Antonio Fernandez and Maribel Alarcon.

Miguel Angel delegate Tortosa, with Antonio Fernandez and Maribel Alarcon.

The mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora, Antonio Fernández; the Delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment in the province of Almería, Miguel Ángel Tortosa; the Director General of Active Employment Policies of the Government of Andalusia, Rafael Moreno and economic development councilor Maria Isabel Alarcon, the team visited shuttle Employment town.

The program, that was launched in late November, It is driven by Fundación Santa María la Real, Fundación Telefónica, the Junta de Andalucía and the Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora. For this, They have co-financing of European Social Fund.

Shuttle Employment, which it began operating last 29 November a team of 20 unemployed, -after has currently achieved 5 inserciones- with 18 participants (11 women and 7 mens) aged between 24 and 57 years old. Together, participating in the program in order to meet new search tools work more suited to the current market, strengthen their skills and have new employment opportunities.

"In these two months, Shuttle participants have improved competences and have even discovered new so far unknown, They have perfected their curriculum and have improved their communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal. Nowadays, They are more motivated than at the beginning because they are understanding what is done in the day as a whole towards improving their employability with the ultimate goal of their employment ", Add Francisca Parra, technician who coordinates the shuttle.

During the visit, Mayor of Cuevas, Antonio Fernández, He mentioned that "it is a pleasure to have gotten the shuttle is for the first time in our town”. This proposal “will help improve the problem to the municipality with employment "and “We hope that participants will seize this great opportunity they have and facilitates the way the labor market ", ha concluido el alcalde.

For his part, the Director General of Active Employment Policies of the Government of Andalusia, Rafael Moreno, He stressed that "getting the job placement of unemployed people is the goal of the Andalusian Employment Service and in that sense, bet by actions such as the Employment Launchers are proving effective to achieve this goal through innovative techniques and a different approach that emphasizes proactivity of participants and collaborative work ".

Function as a business

In order that your search will be more organized and effective, members have developed a strategic plan and distributed by projects: "Database of Human Resources", "Map of Employability", "Social networks", "Internal Communication" and "External Communication", to ensure that all work as a team of real and effective.

With this scheme will continue working for the next two months, conducting workshops emotional intelligence, personal brand or job search in the digital environment; receiving visits of experts and specialists; developing employability maps and visiting companies

Registration for this shuttle Employment will remain open on the website of program, if there are people (with an age between 18 and 34 years old) who are interested in participating and move to the reserve list for possible casualties of participants.

good record

This shuttle is included in the 145 Fundación Telefónica and Fundación Santa María la Real launched last year across the country, counting on the co-financing of European Social Fund. "The experience of developed shuttles from the 2014 and the distance traveled have shown that this project contributes significantly to improving real opportunities for unemployed people in their access to employment ", explained from Fundación Telefónica.

In a broader assessment of the program, since its inception in 2013 until now, Santa María la Real Foundation has launched 327 Employment Launchers, for more than 6.500 unemployed people across the country, making the 50% participants have achieved employment or self-employment, or have resumed studies.