The reservoir transferred to Cuevas Negratín 45,7 hectometres this year

The Committee on Technical Management transfer water from the reservoir Negratín (Granada) the Cuevas de Almanzora has unanimously authorized transfer in this calendar year 2018 total volume 45,7 cubic are (hm3), It is including what has already been transferred from the past 10 March.

The Commission, which met today in Madrid fulfilling the commitment agreed at the meeting of 9 March, It has adopted this decision once it has been informed of the resolutions adopted by the plenary of the Commission Desembalse of the Guadalquivir River Basin Authority.

Volumes transferred for use irrigation to the River Basin Mediterranean Basin Andaluzas have been reduced by the same percentage as the volumes in the System desembalsar General Regulation of the Guadalquivir River Basin.

The Commission has agreed, also, book up 7 Hm3 the total volume to be transferred for use supply. this volume, which will continue to address supply a set of populations located in the Almanzora Valley, will not suffer any reduction.

To ensure compliance with the law, a comprehensive resource tracking dammed by the dam Negratín much as in the general regulation system will be made, as well as the volumes transferred.