The safety device "Dreambeach 2019" pay special attention to prevent sexual offenses

As in previous years, and on the occasion of the festival "Dreambeach 2019" in the Andalusian village of Villaricos, belonging to the municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora, Civil Guard will develop a comprehensive security device, in order to ensure public safety and thus contribute to the peaceful development of the festival.

In order to realize a coordinated manner, Civil Guard has established contacts with the organization of the event, as well as the different services will collaborate on the same, achieving design a safety oriented assistance to 170.000 people and more than 1500 vehicles.

The device will feature RAG (Quick action group), which will deploy high-tech means among which are two drones, systems of anti - drone (antidrone suitcase and rifle) Repair - Anti Repair, tactical team health, sharpshooters team, all-terrain bikes and two dogs, one of intervention and other explosives detector, In addition there will be a new barreamiento system that prevents the passage of vehicles launched.

This device will run both the days before the celebration, as the days, giving a comprehensive security by land with different units of Public Safety Command as specialized units, Dog expert service with drug-sniffing dogs and explosives, Public Safety Unit (USECIC), Rural Safety Group (GRS), New this year taking care of Cavalry Squadron to support the public order.

By sea the device has the support of the Maritime Service to monitor security zones bathers and pleasure craft, in which the Panel will be incorporated Underwater (GEAS), and air, It has the support of the Helicopter Unit of the Civil Guard.

Also it is particularly important to ensure traffic safety on highways and roads affected, for what has designed a comprehensive device through Units Traffic Civil Guard, besides flowability circulation preventively verify the status of drivers and vehicles, testing with alcohol and driving under influence of drugs.

The different units that will participate will always do permanently and coordinated, coordination also comes with private security companies hired by the Organization, taking into account the current alert level 4 Plan for Prevention and Protection Antiterrorist.

This year special attention to the prevention of sexual offenses be held, coordinating this work with the organization of the event.

For this reason, all staff attending the event, and backpacks or packages porten, they go through a safety bow and first filter, while subsequently they are identified and even recorded repeatedly, everything in order to ensure the greatest possible safety of all attendees.

As it was done in previous years, Civil Guard has established a command post, located between the concert hall and the camping, in which permanently citizens will be addressed, for both collection of complaints and any security-related incidence.

It is made available and known to all attendees, the possibility to download the App "AlertCops Festivals", designed and managed by the Ministry of State Security, in which safety tips that can be applied personally spread, and it is an essential tool for direct communication of any incident or consultation with the Civil Guard.

In the same way, Civil Guard has provided the event organizers specific safety tips for its development, which they have been published on the website of the festival.

The safety device developed by the Civil Guard in previous years has had positive results, specifically last year to a total of stopped 11 people, 6 related offenses against public health and 5 for other offenses.

Similarly they were made 554 complaints to the Organic Law 4/15 for possession and consumption of narcotics, while they performed 5120 breathalyzer tests and detention of narcotics, of which 137 tested positive for alcohol and 218 on drug.