The delegate of Environment highlights the effectiveness Infoco in summer with very bad weather


Antonio Martinez has chaired the advisory committee meeting Infoco Plan to analyze the campaign of extinction and prevention work.

The delegate of Environment and Spatial Planning, Antonio Martinez, He has chaired this morning's meeting of the advisory committee Infoco Plan, body responsible for coordinating the actions of the different administrations that work in preventing and fighting forest fires. The meeting, in which it has made an assessment of the summer campaign and analyzed prevention projects that are carried out after the high-risk, Martinez said that the Infoca device has proven effective in a difficult summer for the particularly adverse weather conditions.

The delegate thanked the workers operating Infoco Plan work in defense of the environment that take place throughout the year and their efforts in extinguishing the fires and attempts in some weather conditions marked by low rainfall and temperatures well high they caused considerable water stress vegetation making, a priori, fuel that burns easily and quickly and complicates firefighting.

Until the end of October, according to provisional statistics, Plan Infoco device has made a total of 52 interventions on forest land in the province, 40 attempts were in (fires affecting less than one hectare) and 12 in fires. The affected area has been 69,58 hectares, of which 30,56 They were planted 39,02 thicket. The delegate of Environment and Spatial Planning has highlighted "the significant reduction in the area burned has passed from the 5.035 hectares 2014 a la 69 of this year'. The most important fire occurred on 13 May in the municipality of Huércal-Overa, They participated in extinction 337 effective and affected 45,87 hectares.

Antonio Martinez has referred to the cooperation between the various authorities to address the fire fighting and thanked the work of Emergency Services 112, Civil Protection and Emergency Group Andalucía (GREA), Military Emergency Unit, de la Guardia Civil, Attached policemen of the Board, National and Local, Firefighters, Health Emergency Service 061 and Red Cross. The delegate stressed that this cooperation also extends to other Andalusian provinces and neighboring communities. In this sense, he recalled that effective Infoca Almería helped extinguish fires Quesada (Jaén) and Lújar (Granada) in July and Lorca (Murcia) in August

Martinez stressed, also, the work of the agents of Environment, responsible for the direction of fire suppression, and Brigade Forest Fire Research, formed by actors working to clarify the origin and causes of fire.

The delegate of Environment and Spatial Planning has said the cooperation of citizens and rapid and effective action by all professionals involved in the Infoca device as the keys to explain "the success of a campaign, in principle, It was predicted very complicated by low rainfall and a very hot summer '.

The Infoca Plan works all year round in different degrees of activation. The phase of maximum risk extending from 1 June to 15 October. As for the origin of fires recorded until late October, the 23,08% They had natural causes while the man's hand is behind the 59,61% of claims, by intentionality (an 7,69% cases), negligence (40,38%) or accident (11,54%).

In 2015 the Infoca device in Almeria has a budget of 20,2 million, 8,8 millions are engaged in firefighting and 11,4 a las labores de prevención y concienciación que incluyen el tratamiento y manejo de la vegetación y mantenimiento de los cortafuegos, actions to private owners of farms, infrastructure managers, specific groups, municipalities, the educational community and society in general.

A set of 539 professionals from the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning compose the provincial device in its edition 2015. After the campaign of extinction, the staff has taken preventive work done during the months of medium and low risk of fire. The Infoca Plan in Almeria has a network monitoring and warning composed of 19 checkpoints, 5 System forest observatories scattered throughout the province and four operational centers (Almeria provincial centers and three forest defense in Alhama de Almería, Seron and Velez-Blanco, respectively). As for the means for extinguishing materials are available from a 1 Mobile Meteorology and Transmission Unit (UMMT), 15 heavy vehicles (13 pumpers and 2 nurses), a cargo plane on the ground and 3 transport helicopters and fire.