The Summer of Purchena claimed more ways to help children at risk of social exclusion


In a municipality where work with children at risk of social exclusion has become a way of life, Purchena, was inaugurated on Wednesday the Summer Course at the University of Almería longest and largest in terms of participants, over 180. For three days this almeriense municipality becomes the protagonist nationwide on minors. Professionals from various parts of the country analyzed, debated and put on the table issues related to children in order to draw conclusions that impact better care for them.

Ruiz Maria del Mar, rector of University Extension and Sports UAL, It has indicated that this course "it is surpassing every year in the quality of the speakers and the involvement of the same. It is a course that has a double orientation: on the one hand a pooling of all specialists, prosecutors, judges workers and juvenile facilities involved; and on the other, It is a course that opens avenues for recent graduates who can see their future careers aimed at this field ".

The Government delegate of the Andalusian, Grace Fernandez, It has highlighted the fact that this course coincides with the adoption of a Law on Juvenile Justice in Andalusia. "I like the draft because it works a lot on prevention, in comprehensive and coordinated care for all persons and institutions who have to work with minors ". He has asked the professionals who come together these days in Purchena that as the law are in period of allegations, They contribute their bit to make it better and more complete.

At the opening it was also present Mariola Gómez, Child tax coordinator in Almería, who has been asking for more media protest. "I Take this opportunity to ask that we need more staff to work in this area. In the Office of Almería we have one staff member to work on the issue of child protection. In less than a year have passed 400 records to 925 records, late 2017 ".

For his part, co-director of the course and juvenile prosecutor Malaga, Maria Teresa Soriano has analyzed the risk factors and protection. In this sense and year data 2014 explained that in Europe there 25 million children at risk of poverty, still very necessary interventions in health and education. Spain has encryption 29,9 million children under the relative poverty threshold and the need for cooperation of all, stressing that poverty it has always been linked to social exclusion, although recent studies reveal that the middle classes are also suffering these consequences.

These days the participants will be able to see different situations where you can see the children and "how collaboration of community social services is needed, of municipalities, procuratorates, courts, lawyers, letrados, procuratorates…Exclusion is not only marginal areas, It can lead us to many places and we must all be aware and real knowledge of how to work and how they can act ", Mariola noted Gómez. Also, He has asked the government to "agreed the work done with these children, work that can be the advance to avoid these potential adults who can be offenders or criminals. I am convinced that previous investment and prevention is essential to avoid situations then we find difficult to solve ".

Last, Juan Miguel Tortosa, Mayor of Purchena, He said that "the University of Almería has been one of the institutions that has participated in the transformation of our province and in that sense we are very satisfied". He has indicated that this course serves the municipality to value the work done on it throughout the year. "We had the opportunity, with child protection, to find an opportunity for local development, consolidate population and generate employment and broad social commitment in our population ".

Purchena is a municipality that has specialized in children at risk of social exclusion. Currently it has four juvenile facilities: one juvenile justice system and three protection service (one specializing in behavioral disorders, another labor insertion and a third newly opened to accommodate unaccompanied).