The Minister of Development prioritizes connection with the Almanzora motorway A-7, Roquetas variant and Vera-Garrucha

Image of meeting with Asempal.

Image of meeting with Asempal.
Image of meeting with Asempal.

The Minister of Public Works and Housing builders moved to the province to investment planning 2020 housing and infrastructure.

The Minister of Public Works and Housing, Felipe Lopez, It has met with representatives of the construction sector and professional associations in the province of Almeria to introduce the two instruments with which account his department for the promotion of social housing policy and the execution of public works in the horizon 2020, as are the Housing and Rehabilitation Plan and Infrastructure Plan for Sustainable Transport in Andalusia (TRACK 2020). These are two tools that emphasize the actions already undertaken and impact on the territory and the economic and social development, such as connecting the Almanzora motorway with the A-7 or the conclusion of the variant of Roquetas and Vera-Garrucha.

In regard to the TRACK, Lopez explained that is in an advanced stage of planning and approval will be a reality before the end of the year. "With the current financial framework, This plan emphasizes finalize those actions already undertaken in order to provide social returns to investments ", He has clarified, insisting on reviving the Vera-Garrucha and unfold connection with the Almanzora motorway A-7.

"From the Department we will continue to work to achieve more resources and continued progress in those projects that are not yet undertaken but remain a priority", He explained adding that "we should seek other alternatives to achieve financial framework conducive to do so and that the public would not compute deficit on investment in key infrastructure for economic development and job creation".

As for the motorway Almanzora, the Minister of Public Works and Housing has ensured that the two sections remaining to run between El Cucador and La Concepcion and La Conception link with the A-7 will be completed before the end of the current legislature, with an estimated investment of 60 million. "We must allocate resources to complete a key infrastructure for communication and mobility in the region of marble, economic engine of the province and tourism hub of the province ", he noted.

Also, in relation to Housing Plan, Lopez highlighted "the strong social nature of this instrument since it will contribute to solving the problems of families with a delicate economic situation", an objective which aims to reach through a two-way working: rent and rehabilitation. In terms of lease, He stressed "the lines of rent subsidies convened by the Board to precisely respond to the current needs of the population, records that housing applicants clearly reflect their preference for this modality ". Equally, It has focused on developed interventions in the residential public park owned by the Board, saying that "this is the greatest performance in recent years is making the administration".

In the field of rehabilitation he has alluded to the fundamental pillars that support this intervention in the town and built, referring to energy efficiency and accessibility. "Almost 40% of homes in Andalusia they were built before 1981, year in which the first policy is adopted for thermal insulation. That means there is much work to do to improve the living conditions of buildings ", said Felipe Lopez, who also pointed out "the orders of aid to rehabilitation in the Plan and aimed to install elevators".

At the meeting attended by the president of the Business Confederation of the Province of Almería ASEMPAL, José Cano; the dean of the College of Architects; Javier Hidalgo; and the president of the Association of Quantity Surveyors, Juan Murcia.