The tender pharmacy to open the first pharmacy of Overa.

Since last October have already started business 37 of the 47 greenfield, several of them in villages so far not had access to this service

Has already opened a new pharmacy core Overa, Huercal-Overa provided in the tender launched by the Ministry of Equality, Health and Social Policy. With the opening of this establishment are already 37 open new offices in the province, of the 47 which includes the competition.

Overa La-Las Menas is one of the 12 new office located in villages that until now have this service. In this hamlet of Huercal-Overa kit existed until now, dependent on a nearby pharmacy and it worked only for a limited number of hours per day. This pharmacy is open in addition to other nuclei such as San Juan de los Terreros, Pulpí, Wind del Viso in the Mojonera, Costacabana in Almería, Neighborhood Archilla and Congo, both in Vicar or white village in Nijar, which also had an office. The opening of these facilities will bring the service to the residents of these nuclei.

The rest of the new pharmacies created with the cooperation are distributed in different areas of Huercal de Almeria, Berja, El Ejido, Nijar, Roquetas de Mar, Vera y Mojácar. Also, development of competition has allowed the reallocation of other 14 offices, mostly located in small towns, that they have been released after their previous owners choose any of the newly created.

The implementation of these facilities is an increase of 16% on existing so far in the province of Almería and its territorial distribution responds to a detailed study that takes into account important factors such as the availability of citizenship, pharmaceutical care needs of the population of small towns or areas of growth in large cities and coastal towns, as well as ensuring equal opportunities for collective pharmacist.

Its opening will contribute to employment generation, as it will enable the creation of new jobs for pharmacists, as well as technical and assistant staff presented the opening of each pharmacy. In total it is estimated that could generate about a thousand new jobs in Andalucia.

Phases of competition

A total of three phases were established to solve the allocation process, according to the principles of advertising, transparency, public competition and merit.

In the first stage of the competition could only participate holders Andalucía pharmacies that have spent more than ten years in rural areas with lower population 1.000 people, in isolation and ongoing pharmaceutical care. The objective of this first phase was to assess the situation and recognize these professionals who have more than a decade of service, thereby responding to a historical claim of pharmaceutical. In this phase was awarded a total of 61 pharmacies.

In the second phase, all pharmacists could apply to any of the offices left vacant, even those who had not successful bidders in the previous phase. They were part of the second phase the rest of the new licenses, of which 12, also, were reserved to acreditasen a degree exceeding the disability 33%. In this second phase is adjudican a total of 255 offices.

While the third phase could only go pharmacists who have never been owners or co-owners of pharmacy, those who were eligible for some of the vacant offices which resulted in the two previous phases. In this third phase have been awarded 61 pharmacies.

Pharmacy Act

The public competition pharmacies Andalusia develops one of the provisions of the Act 22/2007 Pharmacy in Andalusia, a rule, addition to improving the accessibility of citizens to pharmacy services with the opening of new offices, and to improve transparency in the award of the same, strengthens the role of the pharmacist as a health worker, and facilitates the professional improvement of rural pharmacists and encourages employment in the pharmaceutical sector.

Another aspect in the Law is the recognition of the rights of citizens to receive pharmaceutical care with guarantees of confidentiality and sufficient information about their treatment and its benefits.

Concerning the strengthening of the role of pharmacists as health, Law regulates its functions and duties related to information and advice to citizens, Prevention of disease and drug compliance, collaboration of the physicians in the community of possible adverse reactions and appropriate actions for custody, retention and disposal of medicines, inter alia.

To introduce quality parameters, has established an accreditation system for community pharmacies and pharmaceutical services, aimed at improving the service and delivery guarantee.