The committee Calar Alto staff and sign their labor agreement with the salary cut 7,5% up 2016.

Calar Alto Observatory.

The management committee of the German-Spanish Astronomical Center (CAHA) Calar Alto Observatory and the template, located in Gergal (Almería), have signed the collective agreement for the next two years after several months of negotiation, so that finally, from CSIC and Max Planck was admitted to the proposal from workers to reduce their salary by 7,5 percent 2015 and 2016.

The agreement was signed last 12 June and he also collects the inability of the management committee of the center to run a record of employment regulation extinguishment character throughout the duration of the agreement period. However, has not accepted the proposal aims to make redundancies over the next two years.

Despite trimming payrolls will suffer workers observatory, have included the possibility that they can increase their income through external contracts through new funding. In this sense, as understood from the social part, boost is finding extraordinary activity for new revenue, which will result in the employee payroll.

Anyway, the new agreement brings a “some reassurance” CAHA workers although this reduction involves a loss of purchasing power of 22,5 percent since the cuts began in the astronomical center, as calculated by the template, also has been frozen its aging period.

Far, affecting more than thirty employees, although they themselves have posted 16 low since the adjustment process began Calar Alto, after the cleaning and catering was outsourced, that according to assure, “has lost quality”. Also, down of some department employees administration is still negotiating.

The negotiations in recent months came to promote a week of strikes and protests among workers outside the headquarters of the CSIC, the Andalusian Institute of Astrophysics (IAA-CSIC) and the administrative headquarters of CAHA in Almería, widely supported by the scientific community.