College Guazamara, Ambassador center renowned for 'Save The Children'

The school Our Lady of the Rosary of Guazamara celebrated the Day Andalusia with a very special event, wherein students, teachers and parents They commemorated the 40 anniversary of the referendum 1980, requirement essential for approval of Statute of Autonomy.

In the event was attended by the mayor of Cuevas de Almanzora, Antonio Fernández Liria, and Councilwoman Miriam Quintana, who enjoyed performances by children, plus a convivial meal with dishes from land.


The Guazamara school also received on the same day a visit very special, that of a representative of the NGO International Save The Children, who gave him a plaque Center recognition as Ambassador to the defense and promotion of rights El Niño and its thirteen years participating in solidarity races.

So much the school and city officials welcomed the collaboration of the AMPA in organizing the Day of Andalusia, as well as all activities and in all projects that the center carried out the Throughout the year.

The Mayor of Cuevas de Almanzora stressed the great work done from the school to improve the present and the future of all: "Your school, Our Lady of the Rosary of Guazamara, is Ecoescuela, with what already It indicates that you work as a team to improve your environment; but also organize yourselves constantly activities to defend important values ​​such as environmental care, the inclution, companionship, helping other, the ie peace ..., do a great job, without realizing, keeps alive that spirit of unity and struggle for progress that took our countrymen and paisanas ago 40 years ".

Fernández Liria congratulated the entire educational community center Guazamara and thanked its important work.