The Andalusian Stone Technology Centre (CTAP) enters bankruptcy

Facade CTAP, en Macael.

Facade CTAP, en Macael.

The Commercial Court number 1 Almeria has declared voluntary bankruptcy in the Andalusian Stone Technology Centre (CTAP), based in Macael (Almería), which since last summer has problems in financing to provide their activity, sense that initiated a series of negotiations to restructure its corporate debt.

According to the edict, The center was declared in ordinary voluntary bankruptcy last 20 February, at which the intervention of the powers of management and disposal of the company was ordered. So, since Monday has been opened the deadline for creditors to turn their credit Auditors and Insolvency Lawyers entity and Forensics.

The company got last summer save the 'preconcurso’ to which he had been doomed by financial issues, especially, debt to the Andalusian had with the entity in respect of research projects and baseline funding and which came to pay late 2016 about 1,8 million.

From the direction of the center to the Board he demanded payment of 3,6 million, which would pay 1,8 additional million euros identified under an aid requested 2015. About, from the Andalusian Government it was had an impact on “non-viable” its provision under the law of budgetary stability, so they were paid 1,22 million for research projects and a 600.000 basal euros in funding.

Since the Board has noted on several occasions, even in Parliament by the Minister of Economy and Competitiveness of the Andalusian, Antonio Ramirez de Arellano, that should CTAP “also seek private funds” for maintenance, since “problem” suffering is because their income “They have dropped 400.000 annual euros due to the crisis in the construction sector”

Despite this situation, the center had been selected to lead the expert working committee 'WeCare’ of the European Commission under the innovation partnership for raw materials whose scope of work is the appreciation and reuse as new materials of construction-related waste, especially, those from the stone industry and industry-construction demolition.

the CTAP, whose patronage is supported by more than fifty company in the stone industry, subsidiary companies, financial institutions and universities, inter alia, It closed its doors to the public in July, sense that twenty workers have been also affected by the situation of this reference center for innovation in stone.

Source: EuropaPress