The Center for Early Childhood Care Vera serves more than thirty children with developmental disorders

The Delegate on his visit to Vera.

The Delegate on his visit to Vera.

The territorial delegate Equality, Health and Social Policy, Jose Maria Martin has attended today the official opening of the Center for Early Child Care (Site) de Vera, managed by the Almeria Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities (FAAM). This facility currently pays attention to 35 boys and girls with developmental disorders or who are at risk of suffering from them and is one of the four new CAIT that have been created in the province of Almería in the last year, thanks to the increase in resources established in the Early Childhood Attention Decree of the Board.

José María Martín pointed out during the ceremony held at the CAIT in Vera that “the new model promoted last year by the Andalusian Government represents a notable improvement in the Early Care service both in the province of Almería and in the community as a whole, as it guarantees universal early care, free, quality, taking into account at all times the best interests of the minor ".

Martín recalled that “in our province the increase in minors attended and in sessions has been possible thanks to the fact that the budget has multiplied by more than two, passing from 602.572,46 euros a 1.526.040 euros in the last year, an important investment that today has allowed us to significantly improve the provision of the service ".

The delegate pointed out that “this increase in resources has allowed, inter alia, the creation of four new centers in the province, two in Almería capital, two in El Ejido and another in the town of Vera, that brings this benefit closer to a good part of the minors of the Levante region ".

Reinforcement and expansion

The decree approved by the Governing Council of the Board in 2016 expands and reinforces assistance to minors 0 a 6 years with or risk of developmental disorders, through prevention measures, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and participation of families and the social environment.

The decree incorporates two new features not included in other autonomous decrees: the creation of specific assessment units in the Andalusian Health Service (SAS), as already mentioned and the establishment of a maximum response time of 30 days for this assessment.

The Early Childhood Care units will guarantee coordination between professionals from the CAIT and the health centers, as well as the continuity of care between the Primary Care Pediatric teams and the hospital network.

The rule adopted by the Council also regulates the composition and functions of provincial teams Early Care (EPAT), responsible for ensuring these objectives. Its members belong to the three areas in which it develops early child care (sanitary, education and social services) and will feature titration, specific training and experience in this area.

The development of these forecasts will gradually triple the annual budget of the provision to reach 33 million in 2019 for all Andalusia. The total increase will be 23 million between 2016 and 2019 which will be cumulatively distributed as follows: 4 additional million in 2016 (until reaching 15,7); 5 million in 2017; 6 in 2018, and 8 in 2019.

In Almería, in the last year it has gone from an approximate budget of 0,6 million to have more than 1,5 million. All this has made it possible to increase the number of Early Childhood Care Centers, passing from 14 a 18.

This increase in resources is making it possible to achieve the objective of reducing the response time to ensure that minors can receive care in the shortest possible time from the detection of their needs. Also, different levels of intensity have been established adapted to each treatment plan. Whole, the new model will expand both time sessions (of 45 a 60 minutes) as the number of them.