The 'Camp Europe’ saturates in 15 municipalities to assess the cultural heritage of the EU

Almería Provincial Council has already closed the Cycle of Children's Theater 'Camp Europe’ that will travel 15 municipalities in the province to promote Europe's cultural heritage from over 1.200 school and reinforce the commitment of belonging to a common European area.

Children's theater 'Camp Europe’ It has approached to the student body 16 schools, as the Council has explained in a note. The Department of Economic Promotion of the Provincial Council has designed an educational program that aims to show students of 2nd cycle primary, European cultural heritage through a theatrical performance that will work participants pre- and post how classrooms.

The deputy provincial Economic Development and Employment explained the objective of this activity is “bring the importance of EU membership to smaller and what better way than with a play to teach them in a fun and educational way the importance of belonging to the European Union and the values ​​it conveys and how much It apports, not only the whole of the country but also the whole province”.

Students were third and fourth grade who have known fully what it means to be a member state of the European Union. “Demand has been so successful has doubled the number of municipalities compared to 2018”, has said deputy.

The centers have enjoyed the work are CEIP Our Lady of the Head of Mary, CEIP Father González Ros Sorbas, CEIP Andalusia Nijar, CEIP San José de Calasanz Huercal-Overa, CEIP Santaolalla Antonia de Taberno, CEIP Our Lady of Health Laujar de Andarax, CEIP La Salle Lady of the Sea of ​​Almeria, Azahar CEIP Santa Fe de Mondújar, CPR Alpujarra Alta Paterna Paterna-Bayarcal of the River, CEIP San Pedro Apostle Sale of the Viso, IES La Mojonera, CEIP Santiago Ramon y Cajal El Ejido, CEIP Joaquin Tena Sicilia Abla, CEIP San Sebastian de Fiñana, CEIP San Gregorio de Oria and CEIP Antonio Relaño of Olula of the River.

The work deals with Paola, a girl in her teens start to spend the day focused on social networks. His parents have not worried about them until there comes a suspense in the subject of Geography and History, due to a review of the European Union.

Paola has no interest in the subject and after trying to generate motivation without result, They decide they should go to the 'European Camp’ a place waiting to help you pass this subject and, what it is more important, offered the opportunity to live an enriching life experience that allows you to discover what it means to be European citizens and commit to the European cultural heritage.

Paola in the camp live a unique experience, meet young people from different countries of the European Union and meet general aspects of the European Union and will become aware of the rich heritage of Europe and as the municipalities of our province are part of it.

The theater is developed by integrating all participants within the camp itself as one. There will be surprises, interact with the actors and enjoy a fun story, close but pretend to reflect them on the subject. Also, as part of pre- and post-learning, participants will develop a chip in which the origins of the EU study, Member States, the symbols and values ​​of the EU, European cultural heritage and linguistic diversity of the EU.