The City of Zurgena is allied with Proyecto Hombre to prevent drug dependence

Mayor with project managers.

Mayor with project managers.

The Project Man and the City of Zurgena Foundation have agreed to promote a project that addresses prevention against drug use at an early age and a quick response to a possible drug use. The action would consist of training workshops, community activities and the organization of healthy alternatives for leisure and free time, among other initiatives that will be carried out in Zurgena with the project hombre. The main audience to which they will be addressed is made up of the youth of the municipality, the teachers as well as local parents.

The agreement focused on improving the quality of life of Zurgena residents and their health was materialized in a meeting between the mayor of Zurgena, Luis Díaz and the Councilor for Social Care, Lola Garcia, with the director-president of Proyecto Hombre in Almería, Ana Mazón Martínez and Enrique Gonzálvez, responsible for prevention.

The first mayor and his councilor were especially interested in the youth of the municipality, betting on working from an early age with the aim of offering opportunities and resources through action plans aimed at this population. For this they have counted on project man, NGO consultative member in the council of the united nations, dedicated to the treatment and prevention of addictions and maladaptive behaviors.

Luis Diaz, mayor of the municipality, showed its support for the proposals to “make Zurgena one of the municipalities that fight with the most force against this social scourge that drug use involves, a problem that daily destroys the lives of many people as well as their families ".

"Favoring protection factors and minimizing risk factors is precisely the line of action of the preventive work of the man project that has been adapted to the needs of Zurgena's youth", has indicated the mayor of Social Welfare, Lola Garcia. For this, the different actions aimed at the community have been designed and with a special emphasis on the youngest. Zurgena will thus become one of the Almeria towns that most bet on fighting and preventing drug addiction.