The City of Zurgena retrieves the old 'houses teachers’



After a long administrative process, the seven houses form part of future educational and social projects of relevance to the municipality.

Zurgena City Council has completed the complex process that has collected the seven ancient "houses of teachers". The buildings form part of future educational and social projects for the use of its neighbors. It is seven houses that were occupied for more than two decades and a half, in some cases irregularly.

After the start of recovery proceedings property in January 2014, zurgenero City Council finally has all properties. The government team plans to start soon with the arrangement and the adequacy of some of these houses that are in an advanced state of deterioration. De facto, the buildings could not be used as living quarters by having negative official reports both habitability and sanitation.

For the completion of this process the cooperation of neighbors and tenants has been essential, which in most cases it has been exemplary. Hereinafter, the City reprise the guidelines set by the government team to be part of future educational facilities and projects for municipal use by all zurgeneros, who already belong.

El alcalde the Zurgena, Luis Diaz, He explained that it is "one more step this government team, that although it has not been easy, will serve to speed up other projects that are fundamental to the development of our municipality but were paralyzed because of the administrative process of housing,”. Diaz has said that recovering the 'Houses of the Masters’ for the benefit of the municipality "was a compromise that had to deal with and so we have had to overcome many difficulties that the procedures put us on the road, and so we have done ".

The homes are located in different areas of the municipality, meeting four of them in the village and three in La Alfoquía. The council has already begun work for the conservation of the property until they start own work projects for which they will target.