Vera City Council incorporates the Early Warning System

Isabel Maria Belmonte.

Isabel Maria Belmonte.

The City of Vera, through the Department of New Technologies manages Isabel María Belmonte, and the area of ​​information coordinated by Antonio Ramos, It has installed an early warning system (SAT), aimed at protecting the local administration of computer attacks. The Early Warning System (SAT) Internet is a service developed, implemented and provided by the National Cryptologic Center (CCN), an agency of the National Intelligence Center (CNI) which detects real-time threats and incidents existing traffic flowing between the internal network and the Internet Town Hall. "Their mission is to detect patterns of different types of attacks and threats by analyzing traffic flows. At no time it is focusing on content analysis of traffic, it is not relevant to the detection of a threat ", Councilwoman says New Technologies, Isabel Maria Belmonte.

The implementation of Early Warning, made with own resources Consistory veratense, It involves the introduction of a single probe Agency network that is responsible for collecting relevant information security detects and, after a first filtering, send events to the central security system that performs a correlation between the different elements and between domains (organisms). Immediately after, seconded Agency receives the appropriate warnings and alerts on incidents detected.

The system developed by the CCN-CERT since 2008, seeks to act before an incident or, at least, detect at first to reduce their impact and scope. This Early Warning System (SAT) for rapid detection of incidents and anomalies within the Administration and companies of strategic interest, It is part of preventive actions, corrective and containment performed by the National Government CERT.

The SAT It has two sides and a common denominator: early detection of intrusions. In both cases there is a portal reports that security managers can access authorized to query real-time security event and for generating custom reports.