Vera City Council has eliminated the debt to suppliers in just two years

Vera Town Hall.

Vera Town Hall.

After undergoing the knowledge of the extraordinary plenary session held last Friday at the Plenary Hall veratense, It has been approved the liquidation of the general budget of the Corporation for the financial year 2016.

As progress was made in the plenary Budgets 2017, this budget settlement 2016 certifies declining debt (Bank loans) Institution, going to represent the 55,88% of the year 2015 a un 38,84% in 2016 regarding the current revenue of ordinary character, namely, the current government team paid for itself in 2016 more than one million euros of debt, currently he is the same in the number of 6.667.015,95 euros.

Settlement 2016 It has a remaining positive cash adjusted for general expenses of 15.747.651,83 euros resulting in a positive net savings 33,36% (5.734.630,33 euros). This excellent result means that the institution complies with the spending rule with a positive variation 385.859,70 euros.

It also meets the objective of budgetary stability, throwing a surplus at year end 5.974.595,59 euros. He had an impact at this point the Councilor of Finance stating that this amount is to fully implement amortizing debt Provider Plan (RD 4/2012), in fact, They have already given instructions to the area of ​​Finance and already amortized near 1.300.000 euros, the plan being fully amortize the debt of the Plan Provider, so in just two years (2016 and 2017) the government team will have reduced the debt of the Bank amounting to more than 7 million.

He concluded by remarking Alberto Clemente excellence of the results, welcoming thereof, and transmitting thank the Auditor, Treasurer, the area of ​​Finance, and workers in the area of ​​management and tax collection and land registry office, for their involvement, effort and professionalism, encouraging them to continue working on new projects and challenges from the Department have been raised

Once the council of finance informed the 2nd point on the agenda concerning appointments and remuneration of temporary staff, the spokesman of the government team, Francisco Vazquez, He made the case that advise the approval of Addendum to the agreement for the management of integrated water cycle in the field of Vera-Costa and approval of the Master Plan investment of that cycle, point number 3 Agenda.

This is because the necessary work connection with the distribution network of the desalination plant that manages the company ACUAMED. He is expanding the Town Planning with regard to the specific case of the municipality of Vera, as projected by said Acuamed, It had to have made the connection by the contractor of the works Corsán-Corvian, that it has been in bankruptcy or bankruptcy, whereupon, safely, Vera connection can not be made for next summer, producing a certain risk with regard to security of supply for the population.

Francisco Vázquez noted meetings with the Director General of Acuamed, who has committed itself to provide the connection, but not to do the works of the necessary pipe, for which reason, it is proposed that such works take over City Hall and the municipal joint venture Codeur S.A., resulting absolutely necessary to do so to the Investment Plan which was approved by the Municipal Council amend the day 28 October 2016. Ultimately, the main aim pursued, is getting the water to the municipality of Vera belongs under the National Hydrological Plan, which has provided two desalination plants, which they are the Cuevas del Almanzora (Palomares) and Carboneras, and need to do a work that, In summary, It involves the construction of a pipe.