Vera City Council undertakes work in the city to prevent deterioration

The councilman before one of the information boards.

The councilman before one of the information boards.
Councilors to one of the information boards.

Advertising signs represent a common scenario that does not always fit the concept of the city with a minimum of urban aesthetics. From there, from the Department of Public Services and Trade of the City of Vera have undertaken a series of actions in the interests of order in this matter. Councilwoman Francisca and Alberto Garcia Carretero Clemente, Councillor for Finance, They considered timely installation of information panels on which to place all the posters of events and activities organized or promoted by the City Council veratense, both cultural and sporting, as well as camps and other notifications, with the aim of contributing to systematize the appropriate media type. "We hope that private companies also collaborate in this task and to remove advertising posters upon completion of business, cultural or sports, inter, for which they placed posters announcing ", They are demonstrating both aldermen.

Also, line and try and keep the urban aesthetics of Vera, signs have been placed with channel letters in different spaces: the entrances to the town you, besides infusing ornamentation, mark the limits of the town regarding Garrucha and Cuevas del Almanzora. Equally, located in a strategic place of promenade, It has installed another label of similar characteristics, so that residents and tourists can take a pleasant souvenir photo with the prospect of the beach and sea Vera.

"On the other hand", He explained the Councillor for Public Services, "People at risk of social exclusion to which we have been working for three months, They are employed in conditioning the municipality. It is about improving road signs there on public roads, put in place the vertical signals falls, Zebra steps repaint the importance of pedestrian safety, and repainting the areas reserved for vehicles of disabled people ". "It's a paint job maintenance and replacement. Rearrange circulation especially in areas of schools, street furniture; both banks and bins have also been painted, It has become a replacement performance due to vandalism suffering especially certain areas of parks, ultimately, improve and beautify the city with the maintenance and care of public spaces together ". Francisca García Carretero ended requesting help and cooperation of the citizens of the municipality: "With his participation will always all improvable, so I ask that public spaces are respected because it is a responsibility of the City, yes i do, but also of citizenship ", concluded the mayor of Public Service.