Vera City Council took the first steps to building a desalination plant

The last plenary session held recently in the city of Vera has approved the start of the procedures necessary for the construction of an emissary and capturing seawater, in order to ensure, providing new urban growth forecast, in particular, in the context of the Special Plan of the Costa de Vera, to insufficient water resources of the municipality it has been accredited, inasmuch as, in the Hydrological Plan of the Andalusian Mediterranean Basin (Fःcna), the expected demand for the municipality of Vera on the horizon 2027 it is from 2,66 Hm 3 / year, demand today already exceeded, He reports the dealership services Integrated Water Cycle, S.A. encoder.

As he highlighted by the Mayor, Felix Lopez, "This is a first step to begin processing the necessary authorizations to run a wastewater treatment facilities to ensure water supply in the near future, ensuring the additional resources required for the growth of key sectors for our town as tourism, agriculture, trade, etc. "The mayor pointed out" that 2022 AVE is expected to reach our town, so we have to work on infrastructure to ensure the future of Vera ".

For his part, the Town Planning, Francisco Vazquez wanted to emphasize that "in terms of project financing, in principle, the same will be borne by the owners of that Special Plan de la Costa, and it is not yet clear neither the amount nor the location of the future desalination plant, since what has been approved in full is support for carrying out paperwork and administrative, for the purpose of obtaining authorizations and permissions ". According to the spokesman of the government team "our duty as leaders is to ensure water resources and water supply for the town, regardless of the decisions of other administrations on transfers and hydrological plans ".