Vera City Council agrees with a protective collecting stray animals

PATAN Convention for the collection of abandoned animals.

PATAN Convention for the collection of abandoned animals.

Vera City Council has reached an agreement with the animal shelter PATAN, based in the municipality veratense, to provide the service of collecting stray animals on public roads.

This is an operational service the 24 hours, through which any citizen can report the presence of a stray animal to the authorities for removal. Protective work coordinated with local police, that derives notices for subsequent performance. Also, the collection vehicle strays performed daily routes through the streets of the town to locate animals in a state of abandonment.

The protective born PATAN ago 2 years with the intention to help abandoned dogs or condemned to death in different Spanish kennels to find a better life. this entity, which it is supported by donations and Adopters, He began helping various European associations with this task, collecting and preparing the animals for their new life. Most animals that collect, once recovered, travel to European countries with all the guarantees and legally leaving Spain. Most dogs welcome in Patan adopted in European countries. Transport is carried out exclusively with the corresponding TRACES, as required by European legislation. Dogs are known both by the corresponding Spanish health authorities and their country of destination.

Also, Last week the City, through the Department of Public Services, donated 75 kilos of dog food to the protective, as a result of the mayor's commitment to deliver Francisca García 5 Kg per participant Pet Costume Contest last November. Delivering sacks of feed to the representative of the protective, Daniel Manzano, It was held within the framework of the awards ceremony of the contest.

a diploma and a voucher was also given 100 euros for the purchase of food and veterinary supplies to the three winners of the contest costume. The winners were three dogs: Coco, a bichon; Alaska, a cross; and Lulo, one bodeguero. Their owners, Gema Montero Araceli, Joseph Simon and Peter Clemente received checks from the hands of the councilor Francisca García Carretero.

Project Canine Unit Local Police

Coinciding with Pet Contest, in November, an exhibition of dog training took place in the Plaza Mayor de Vera. In this way the project is currently under study for the creation of a Canine Unit Local Police Vera was presented.

The aim of the possible creation of the unit is to provide greater security to both agents and citizens in the development of events of great concentration of people, such as the festivities, Easter, summer and certain specific events. Also, Canine Unit intervene in the prevention and detection of illegal substances such as marijuana, hashish and the like, in parks, gardens, school environments or vehicle controls.

"We are training several dogs in defense and detection of substances through an agreement with the Zadhir Training Center to study the feasibility of implementing this Canine Unit would be a pioneer in the local police in the province", explains the local police officer Vera, Andres Magana.

The unit would consist of a group of dogs trained agents and specifically trained for this, Such a unit would patrol on foot in events previously agreed, following a quarterly plan, but would also be available at any point in time that the authorities deem appropriate.

Vera City Council is studying the possibility of carrying out this project in order to provide better service, higher quality and security to the residents of the municipality.