Seron City Council cut taxes IBI one 14%


The last regular plenary session in the municipality of Serón approved a decrease of IBI (Property Tax), of a 14% For the year 2018; specifically the approval was given to reduce the coefficient of this tax 0,52 to the 0,45, being very close to the 0,40 established by law as the minimum and according to the local mayor, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, It will be the rate to which you aspire to the end of the legislature. With the descent of IBI's neighbors they see their next Seron receipt reduced compared to previous years. This decrease is due, As he explained by the mayor at the plenary session, a redistributive justice, since the last review by the Finance Ministry have graduated new receipts that were previously not included.

Another important point has resulted in the remaining Treasury has increased the budgets of the municipality to 2017 with a surplus (or surplus) of 338.000 euros initially approved which added to give a total of 5.450.000 euros.

The remaining 338.000 euros (as it approved at the plenary session), It shall be allocated as follows; 90.000 euros will go towards the path of Jauca, 30.000 euros a la calle Gadil, 50.000 euros for cemetery niches in the neighborhood of Angosto; while the remaining 150.000 Chapter euros will be added to small municipal works (paving and upgrading of streets and roads).

The Energy Efficiency Plan carried out by the consistory has also paid off with an expected savings 40.000 euros; amount to be allocated to items of Culture and Sport, as it approved in this plenary session.

Remember that last February, Seron City Council approved the budgets for the year 2017 with an amount of 4.621.175,45 euros; accounts which eventually approach the 5 and a half million euros thanks to the incorporation of new investments and the remaining surplus cash or liquid which realized in the last and recent session.

So, on that date, the consistory brought forward the accounts for the year 2017, highlighting the investment chapter and chapter 1 staff costs.

Another important investment chapter was approved for local associations for more than 20 existing partnerships in the village.