The city of Seron presented in Mojacar Parador campaign 'Seron Destination'.

Raise Entrepreneurs know the qualities of the municipality to supplement the sun and beach tourism.

Seron City Council presented their campaign in Mojácar 'Seron Destination', one of the measures to promote Tourism Strategy Plan that the municipality is carrying out in this term.

This 'trade mission' scenario has led to the Parador de Mojácar town, where entrepreneurs have come Levante area for the leisure, Gourmet, Lodging, restoration, monumental or festive and traditional Seron through (first) the words of the Mayor, Juan Antonio Lorenzo and then, a video made by Diego Pérez (Serón TV), which screened at the end of the explanation of the mayor.

The meeting had as its object the promotion of Seron as a destination for tourists and regular visitors to the coastal area of ​​Levante, with the intention that the business sector aware of this alternative enclave inside the province in addition to sun and beach tourism.

To this end, the mayor presented the proposal as a global brand that brings space and taste, explained the benefits of the climate that works for healing the "excellent hams" Township; has spoken of the privileged enclave where the tree of larger size of Andalusia or the Greenway is preserved Iron, mining heritage, with the old landings, or railway with old railway station (Restaurant now) or the loading dock (Story Museum) and cocherón (showroom). Lorenzo has also emphasized the key role of gastronomy and services around her town, as restaurants, meat companies, support the wine; has listed tourism facilities, or described the natural areas of the saw, monumental buildings and the old town "labyrinthine crowned by a Moorish fortress" on a brief tour of the peculiarities of this township Almanzora.

"We want to work with you because you are the nearest tourist landmark success and appropriate; we believe we can provide complementary elements of the consolidated target vuestro bien ", has expressed.

Immediately, Mayor was accompanied by businessmen who wanted clothing Seron meeting, sobe everything related to the tourism sector have taken the opportunity to contact companies Lift and show and offer their proposals. De facto, remembered as the Councillor for Tourism, Carmen Cuadrado "The objectives of this initiative is the need entrepreneurs themselves that the food industry has the opportunity, through this quote, contacting employers of Levante in the near environment that serves as a point of contact "

The meeting ended with a tasting of products Seron starring with ham, emplatado and intercepted by two professional cutting; accompanied by wine from the cellars of the town Viñalmanzora.

About the Strategic Plan
The Strategic Plan is based on Governance, Launch a way of consensus with the social reality of the environment. Thus the 42 people who form the council, belong to the tourism and hospitality sectors, town planning, banks, health, sector educativo, cultural associations and neighbors, food sector, business association, women, higher, sports clubs, communities of owners, unions, Guardia Civil, irrigation communities, Alps, expert committees and councilors.

This new strategy has emerged, by organization, the concern of the municipal corporation of the need to obtain employment, preservation heritage, environmental sustainability and the search for a social model for the future.