Purchena Town Council dismissed two new European volunteers bound for Greece


Jose Manuel Perez de Purchena and Alejandro Guirado Almeria have been selected by the City of Purchena to participate in the project of European voluntary "Conservation and Monitoring at the National Park of Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli which will be held in the national park Greek Dadia-Lefkimi-of Soufli during the year 2016.

During 12 months these young people will travel to Greece, along with other European volunteers, collaborate on environmental volunteer project led by the prestigious World Wide Fund entity (WWF).

In those twelve months the two young collaborate with this entity in different environmental activities such as banding and registration of waterfowl and birds of prey like the Egyptian vulture, flamencos, ... geese also develop education activities and environmental awareness.

The shipment has been made possible by the requested and received by the city of Purchena in the latest round of grants from the Erasmus + program last year grant, and that the City of Purchena is, Huércal Overa with, one of the two city council of the province of Almeria has recognized accreditation as an entity sending and hosting of young people in European Voluntary projects of the Erasmus program + (before Youth in Action) EU.

The European Voluntary Service is to encourage youth participation in various forms of voluntary activities. For young people between 18-30 years collectively or individually participate in non-profit, unpaid activities in a country other than their country of residence. Young people receive assistance for travel and host organizations take care of accommodation and meals.

José Manuel and Alejandro begin the project in early February. Rocío Cano, Purchena city councilor was responsible for officially dismiss trip and wishing him good luck in this adventure that have participated -and are participating- many young people in our town and other municipalities.