Purchena City Council announces a contest to capture images sisterhood

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Purchena City Council convenes a photo contest for
sisterhood capture in pictures. A project to work equality and prevention of gender violence from artistic creation and photography visible seeking alliances among women in the fight against inequality and sexist violence. With the collaboration of the Federation of Women for equality Almanzora, FEMAXI and under the State Pact against Gender Violence Ministry of Presidency budget, Relations with Parliament and
Equality, Purchenero the consistory invites us to participate and reflect on the relationships between women in order to strengthen its alliances and ties that bind.
The belief that women are rivals or enemies is very rooted in society and encourages patriarchal society and machismo endure and weaken the bond strength of women. The term refers to sisterhood sisterhood regarding social gender. The word derived from the Latin soror, which means sister used to make mention of the solidarity that exists and has always existed. However, It is a concept that has not been used or put into
value, as fraternity, but linked to the binding, respect and love between the female and the need to promote and add value.

Minister of Culture and Sport, José Guirado, Mayor Purchena, Juan Miguel Tortosa Conchillo and the president of FEMAXI, Serrano remedies presented the initiative in which anyone can participate who wants it. Purchena City Council grants until next 10 May as the deadline for submitting images to the contest featuring a prize 100 euros and a local award 60, only for residents in Purchena.
Photographs should be sent to e lasororidadenfoto@gmail.com, indicating the body text of the message the following data: name and ID of the author, Full postal address, phone, title of each photograph and, optionally, Any comments on the same. The pictures, They will be presented in digital format jpg or jpeg and must have a minimum resolution 300 dots per inch (ppp) and minimum measures 24 x 16 cm (2835 x 1890 px).

The complete rules will be available on Monday at the City Council website www.purchena.es