The City of Huércal Overa plant 350 trees in the greenway

Operatives planting trees in the greenway.

Operatives planting trees in the greenway.

The City of Huércal-Overa is proceeding with planting 350 trees in the greenway, area in which daily pass hundreds of neighbors who practice hiking and sports, and tourists, Already a must-see attraction in the city. Mayor, Domingo Fernández, Councilman Maintenance and Preservation Infrastructure and Services, Blas Sanchez, and the deputy provincial Environment and Agriculture Maria Lopez, They have overseen the start of the planting.

Fernandez explained that through the SAP Plan 2016-2017 which launches the Provincial de Almería, "We are providing our greenway with trees that not only comes to beautify this space but create shadows in it making him walk around in the hot months more enjoyable. Specifically species that are already planting, and they will incorporated by planting season are palmitos, álamos, algarrobos, tipuana and some palm trees ", while thanked the Provincial Institution "resources through this Plan are allocated to the municipality of Huércal-Overa because without them we would be more complicated to carry out this action".

The SAP Plan was created to "improve the environment of all municipalities in the province through the delivery of plants and trees that create, regenerating and improving green areas "and has become one of the most welcome initiatives by municipalities, Deputy provincial recalled.

Plants and trees SAVIA Plan will reach a total of 62 municipalities in the first phase that has been allocated 39.000 requested plants.

Lopez welcomes the success of this Plan SAP because it will meet the demands of the municipalities from Turre to Adra and from Huécija to Cantoria. “Son 38.979 Plants and trees exactly leaving the nursery council to municipalities with the aim of making greener and healthier urban environments total 62 municipalities and their 83 people, districts and neighborhoods ".

Among the units that deliver more than stand Council 30.000 shrubs and small plants that will beautify places, municipal parks and gardens (lavender, retama o romero, inter alia), and palm trees of different sizes and species, ficus, carrascos and chopos, laurels and palmettos exceeding 8.000 large trees.