The City of Caves and Kati Fund sign a cooperation agreement

Isamel Diadié and Antonio Fernández Liria at the time of signature.

Isamel Diadié and Antonio Fernández Liria at the time of signature.

The Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora has this morning signed a general cooperation agreement with Mahmud Kati Foundation. The Acalde Antonio Fernández Liria and President of the Foundation Diadié Ismael Haidara, They have signed this agreement, in the presence of Antonio Llaguno Rojas, Kati representative of the family in Spain and Foundation representative in the monitoring committee provided for in the agreement.

Both Ismael and Antonio Llaguno Diadié have expressed "the old relations between the municipality and ethnicity of Arma, with important historical links like Judar Pasha, the Cuevano who conquered and founded the Songhai impreio pachalato Timbuktu ". Ismael Diadié, meanwhile, It is a descendant of another illustrious Cuevano Ammar al-Fata, that he married Nana Kati, Mahmud Kati biznieta, the first African Kati and was the pasha fifth of Timbuktu.

The agreement was signed this morning, which it was adopted at the plenary of the corporation last October unanimously, It establishes the basis for cooperation between the two entities, one of whose first collaborations by the Foundation would be an exhibition of manuscripts Kati Library of Timbuktu or artistic pieces of African art, Property Foundation, of great value. Also the establishment of a tourist and cultural route that left from Mesa Roldán, Carboneras, where he landed the pirate-Dugali, Judar Pasha's abductor and follow his route to Cuevas (Antas, Bédar, Vera) and then Tetuán, Did, Marrakech and Tombouctou.

The mayor expressed his "satisfaction restore the relationship that began with his predecessor Antonio Llaguno more than 25 years "and he stressed that" this collaboration will recover a chapter of our history and offer visitors Cuevas and artistic expressions of great value ".