Cantoria City Council manages grants for school supplies to twenty families

the Mayoress, Puri Sánchez.

the Mayoress, Puri Sánchez.

Cantoria started the course with an eye toward families still suffer the consequences of the crisis and its direct impact on the domestic economy, so in addition to the development of schools, the government team has focused its efforts on managing direct financial aid with a score of families will have access to school materials.

Complementary to families with higher economic needs aid has been processed from the area of ​​Youth, sports, Communication, Social Affairs, Gender equality and directing Councilwoman Loly Cruz and are within the measures provided both from the administration and supramunicipal according to the Junta de Andalucía.

"With these grants the aim is that all the kids come to school with the necessary material and avoid any kind of difference is generated between some students and others from families with low income. That's where we need to be administrations, ensuring that the welfare state is a reality even in the worst moments of each house ", Puri says Sánchez, Socialist mayor of Cantoria.

For this course, in addition to the development of public parks and education centers, the City Council prepares Cantorian from a specific area Sports school sports program that will be presented shortly and that, for the first time, It will bring together all categories from the same organizational model. "We want the kids, once they leave the cole attend sports activities not only with goals, but also to interact with others through this activity and, in this way, among all, make stronger and more participatory community youth Cantoria, no matter what your age ", Loly highlights Cruz, Councilwoman area.