The City of Cantoria begins with repairs at the Palacio de Almanzora


The first intervention will be to put a temporary roof on the public part of the iconic monument to prevent its deterioration.

The Cantoria City Council will begin this week with the repairs of the Almanzora Palace. The collapsed roofs in the public part of the emblematic monument will be the first to be intervened. Through a temporary roof it will be protected from possible rains and climatic changes thus protecting its conservation.

There are many controversies around the Almanzora Palace, Despite this and the economic precariousness that the new corporation has encountered in the City Council, One of the main focuses of action will be the maintenance and conservation as far as possible of this 18th century monument.

“It is time to finally start working on the conservation and maintenance of our heritage in optimal conditions. We are going to start with a temporary remodel, that will at least avoid serious damage to the palace structure in the face of possible climatic effects. We can only act in the public part, In the rest we cannot do anything since it is privately owned. Thus, we will do everything possible ", says Purificación Sánchez, mayor of the municipality.

The old corporation could have acquired the palace with the income as a compensatory benefit between the years 2011 and 2014, since in this period more than € 1,000,000 of Municipal Land Heritage Income entered the Cantoria City Council and in this way to be able to work freely from the Consistory in its reform. However, allegedly violating the Andalusian Urban Planning Law, this amount was used to pay bills and current payments, always previous unfavorable reports issued by the Municipal Intervention. Thus, the problem of ownership of the palace would have been solved now more than four years ago, thus being able to carry out the comprehensive reform that this emblematic monument of Almanzora needs.