Albox City Council launches express license to facilitate the start of the minor works neighbors

Albox Town Hall.

Albox Town Hall.

The town of Albox has become one of the first in the whole province of Almeria Express apply the license for minor work. This is a process driven by the City of Albox which allows residents seek application of minor work work with a responsible statement and the day after that request the license is granted, so you can start with arrangements or improvements to your property immediately.

The initiative launched by the Department of Urbanism seeks to facilitate and expedite especially the steps necessary to perform a minor work in the municipality. "We have noticed that, while for the greatest work we often bring the necessary documents well in advance, to a minor work is usually greater urgency and available time is reduced, so the technical services had no margin for processing license. So we decided to make available to the Express license albojenses ", Sonia explains Cerdán, Councillor for Urbanism.

With the Express license, neighbors seek the least work with a responsible statement, as for example with the license to open shops. The day after that request the license is granted and later, municipal technical services of Urbanism have a month to review the license and check that it is a minor work, supervising works to see if they match the request.

Express license is intended for minor works where no touch structures and for projects that are not of undue hardship.

Cerdán believes that "politicians have to work to make life easier and every day our neighbors and initiatives like this certainly does. It may seem a mere formality, but neighbors who have gone through the need to request a license such know the problems that can appear ".

So Albox City Council has decided to launch this new license has already been proven especially in large capitals and from this February is also available for any local residents.