Albox City Council hires 53 people through employment programs of the Andalusian

The Mayor with the new workers.

The Mayor with the new workers.

The firm commitment of the City of Albox join any initiative to facilitate employment neighbors will result in the coming months in hiring 53 people through employment plans of the Board of Andalusia. En total, the City will hire 24 youth under 30 years through the plan ‘Employee @ Young‘ and other 29 people over 30 years that they were unemployed thanks to the ‘Employ @ 30+’ plan.

The sum received by the City Council for the implementation of this Community Social Initiative is 357.611 euros, that in addition to facilitating the entry into the labor market of more than fifty people, They will make possible the execution of different projects throughout the municipal term and the improvement of services for the citizen and the visitor. Of the grant, about 220.588 euros will go to ’Young employee‘ and 137.022 euros to plan ”Emple@ 30+’.

The Councilor for Employment, Sonia Cerdán, remember that “from the Albox City Council we have always supported these initiatives of the Andalusian Government aimed at creating employment by joining them and encouraging many young people and unemployed people in our municipality to access a job and gain work experience during these months. And so we will continue to do so ". Workers will also have computer equipment donated by the ‘Albox Computer Club’ association., intended to collect old or disused computer equipment for recycling, update it and donate it to social causes or public administrations.

The projects of the Community Social Initiative of the Albox City Council seek to promote employment in the municipality through an optimal and effective revitalization of the labor market. To achieve this goal, The projects will have a duration of one year in which the 53 procurement.

The new jobs, in addition to allowing beneficiaries to accumulate work experience for future job searches, they will have an impact on the municipality with the beautification and cleaning of streets, parks, squares and gardens. But also, those hired will work to improve services for the entire population with better surveillance and security in municipal swimming pools and their work will also have an impact on tourism promotion and animation, cultural and sports of Albox.

The mayor of Albox, Small towers Francisco, welcomed the new workers and wished them that their stay at the City Council is “fruitful both for their work development and for the neighbors, given the number of projects to improve public spaces and services to which they will be dedicated. Thus we meet two objectives: improve our municipality while we give 53 people the opportunity to enter a job ".