The Ciudad de Vera Auditorium hosts ‘The music of the three cultures of Al-Andalus’, from Aquitaine

The Ciudad de Vera Auditorium receives the members of Aquitaine to interpret ‘The music of the three cultures of Al Ándalus’ on Saturday at 20 hours. The Ministry of Culture and Historical Heritage through the Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions, organizes this event in the town of Almería within its program called Andalusian Network of Public Theaters to promote access to the performing arts in all municipalities in the region.

Aquitaine began its journey less than ten years ago with the intention of addressing the European medieval repertoire, both vocal and instrumental, in the peculiar way that we could do with the extensive collection of instruments and sound registers that we had: hurdy-gurdy, harps, violas, lutes, cítola, Psalter and a long etcetera with which we have been able to give our particular light to this repertoire.

Since then, and with variations in the group's members, they have uncovered the instrumental music of the 13th and 14th centuries., troubadour music and poetry from the 11th to the 14th centuries and the corpus of Cántigas de Santa María from the 13th century attributed to Alfonso X.

With the same broad and colorful vision, they enter the Andalusian repertoires, Sephardic and Renaissance that complete this research work on the ground, instrument in hand, that Aquitaine continues to weave around the broader field of historical music and the three cultures of Al Ándalus.

The medieval music group is made up of the Moroccan singer Iman Kandoussi, Pied Piper Elena Escartín, and the multi-instrumentalist Juan Manuel Rubio. The function took place on Saturday 29 May at 20 hours in the auditorium.