The Mayor of Cuevas returns to show their opposition to expropriations by thighed tortoise

Antonio Fernandez with affected residents of Los Lobos.

Antonio Fernandez with affected residents of Los Lobos.
Antonio Fernandez with affected residents of Los Lobos.

The City Council has presented several alternative projects, supported by environmental experts.

The mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora, Antonio Fernández Liria, He has again shown its absolute rejection to the announcement of the Ministry of Public Works, for which public information corresponding to the file opens condemnation that is transacted on the occasion of the works of ADIF-High Speed, Compensatory Measures Project Mediterranean High Speed ​​Corridor Murcia-Almeria in our municipality.

The mayor has expressed its disagreement with the draft expropriation of more than 500 It has to "affects more than 290 owners of our town, with serious damage to their homes, agricultural activity and economic and social development of the area and it has demanded the Central government to fulfill the commitment it made with those affected to study alternative ".

The City "has taken all necessary legal measures at its disposal to stop this procedure Expropriation. Also, the Consistory "there is no evidence that the project has undergone countervailed the mandatory opinion of the European Commission".

In this sense, City Council, supported by environmental experts, "It has presented several alternative projects that do not affect neighbors and to ensure thighed tortoise habitat, since neither have been environmentally assessed incidents that could have neither the interests of the agricultural sector reconciles ". In addition "it has submitted a written statement in order to halt this process and prevent serious damage to property, rights and interests of all affected owners ".

Mayor Antonio Fernández, accompanied by Congresswoman Sonia Ferrer and other Cuevans ediles, He has visited the affected Los Lobos to show their full support in this process.