Mayor Alcóntar prohibits children not enrolled in their school participate in municipal activities

Bando signed by Salas.

Bando signed by Salas.
Bando signed by Salas.

Children who live in Hijate go to school but some other people may not attend municipal activities, as it has decreed the mayor of Alcóntar.

The Socialist Group in the city of Alcóntar has denounced the attempt to discrimination by the mayor, the 'popular' Antonio Ramón Salas, several families residing in the village of Hijate, which aims to prevent bring their children to activities funded by the City if they have enrolled in different schools to the rural school of the municipality. In a statement that has been exposed in the noticeboard of Municipal Office Hijate -and which has even given copies to their own families afectadas-, Mayor warns that children who are not enrolled in rural public school Alto Almanzora of Hijate "are not entitled to attend" no "funded by the Municipality of Alcóntar activity", which it is a "very serious discrimination against families living in Hijate".

"These families live in Hijate, They are properly registered voters and pay taxes on the people ", They have warned the Socialist councilors, which it means that the provision of the mayor "is not only morally reprehensible, but could even be near the crime ".

From the Socialist Group they have explained that, with this prohibition, which, according to the official communication, It enters into force after the end of this course escolar-, the mayor intends to "punish" the families who have decided to enroll their children in schools in neighboring municipalities, "What the mayor considered practically an insult to his person". In this sense, Socialist councilors remember that these families "all they are doing is exercising the right reserved to them by law to choose the school that create most appropriate for your children and your personal circumstances, which can not lead to any punishment from the City ".

Demand withdrawal

Pending the issue it can be addressed at the next full City Council and since there are still a few weeks for the measure enters into force, PSOE councilors believe that the mayor "is still time to correct this nonsense, for which only you have to remove the official communication immediately ". "All Hijate children should have the same rights, study where study, and Mayor, as the highest representative of the municipality, should be the first to ensure that this is so ", They have reasoned.

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  1. Press release
    AMPA school of Hijate supports the mayor and clarifies that the prohibition refers to summer school.

    To the information published on 17 in different media, without having been tested against any member of the leadership of this Ampa, express:

    1 Our total disagreement with the information it appeared not conform to the reality we live in our town.

    2 Our full support to the City Council on steps taken until today for the Rural Public School Hijate not disappear.

    3 We note that the City Council of Alcóntar with its mayor at the head D. Antonio Ramos Salas Rodríguez, It has always been and is up to the circumstances of what this Ampa has claimed so that our children can be and meet fully the needs that so far need for good training and schooling.

    Disclaimer.- What this Ampa asked the City Council at the time was that to participate exclusively in summer school children were enrolled as a student in the public school Rural Hijate, because we understand that those who usually do not pursue their studies in this school, They will attend in their reference centers to organize summer schools in those municipalities.

    We also want to make a reference for unconditional struggle that has continued since the Ampa and the City Council for the College to remain open, because not so long ago, just six years, the City had to rely on an appointment unprecedented census of entire families who wanted to come to our town by offering them work and scholarships so today and thanks to the management of the Rural Public School Hijate still open.

    We also want to note that is visible to everyone that the other activities financed by the City Council attended by all children who want it this municipality and other neighboring.

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