The water will rise by 175% in the Almanzora and the Levant.

The PSOE Amat reminds that the statutes are changing in "irregular" and ask how it feels to find another solution.

The PSOE Almeria this morning denounced the attempt of the team of the Provincial Government to increase the price of water "brutal manner" in the cities of the Levant and working in Almanzora Galasa, by amending the statutes of the public company that is driving. Secretary of Municipal and Institutional Policy PSOE Almeria, Adela Segura, has detailed the fees collected Galasa new statutes pose increases until 175%, on current. Without any consumption, neighbors will have to pay 39,60 euros, versus 14,37 current euros, as, Safe to trial, is "a totally unfair punishment for families".

With the new statutes, consuming families 16 cubic meters of water will pay one bill 54,96 euros, versus 29,72 current euros, representing an increase of 85%. Those who consume 33 cubic meters will be charged 85,28 euros, versus 57,93 current euros, This represents an increase of 47%.

Adela Segura has insisted that the future of Galasa can not pass "go reaching into the pockets of citizens" and called on Gabriel Amat to "feel with the mayors concerned and look for another solution".

Problems for approval

The head of Municipal and Institutional Policy provincial PSOE has also referred to the problems you are having for municipalities to ratify the new statutes of Galasa. Segura has detailed the numerous "irregularities" that are taking place in this process and stressed that even those municipalities governed by the Popular Party have come to adopt the first version of the new statutes, even though the deadline given by the County to do so expired on 31 July last year.

The only yes but passed in plenary were the municipalities of Pulpí, Garrucha and Taberno, although agreements have validity even took, since the Council has prepared a new constitution, which is making public information meetings. This second version of the statutes has not even been approved by the management bodies Galasa (the board and the general meeting of shareholders), but the council has already given them a new deadline to municipalities, so that by the end of this January clarify whether they will approve in plenary or want to leave Galasa.

Abusive conditions

Behind this "indecision" of municipalities are, Safe to trial, the "unfair" conditions for councils that include the new statutes of the public company.

First, municipalities lose competence to set water rates and to be obliged to cedérsela Galasa, will establish unit rates for all municipalities, regardless of an element fixed by law and as necessary as it is conducting a cost study that takes into account the particularities of each municipality.

This decision will especially hurt municipalities Almanzora, currently have their own rates, set by each of the municipalities.

Debt for all

Also, from now the municipalities may not have collaboration agreements for the provision of services-such as Seron-and must be partners Galasa, which means assuming a share of the public debt of this company, exceeding 20,2 million. It so happens, moreover, that in that 'proportional allocation' debt between municipalities that seeks to make the Popular Party is excluded County Council, which currently owns 51% actions of Galasa.

Moreover, also prevent municipalities receive from Galasa providing specific services, which it is precisely what makes the Local Autonomy Law in Andalusia (Sing). With the new statutes, municipalities will have to receive the service Galasa integrated water cycle, thus creating problems in municipalities such as Albox, currently only receives water supply Galasa. Albox has outsourced the entire water cycle with a private company, which would have to compensate to terminate the contract. The same would happen in Olula River, having a similar situation to Albox.