Boost economic modernization and promotion of handicrafts with a gifted plan 14,27 million

Territorial Employment Officer, Training, Autonomous work, Economy, Knowledge, Companies and University, Emilio Ortiz López, today held a meeting with representatives of the craft sector almeriense to let them know theIII Comprehensive Plan for the Promotion of Crafts in Andalucía has launched the Economy, Knowledge, Companies and University and isprovided with 14,27 million until the year 2022.

Emilio Ortiz stressed that this budget almost triples that of the previous plan, and that "this new strategic tool for the craft's main objectivesboost, promote, modernize and consolidate this sector, enhancing their competitiveness, promoting their products, giving greater visibility and public recognition of crafts and promoting employment and generate wealth and be able to successfully tackle the new challenges of the market and globalization ".

The provincial official described the craft as "key sector for its economic and social dimension, its historical and cultural significance and artistic quality. The craft is rooted in the territory, generates collective identity and preserves the memory of many trades, some with centuries of history. Craftsmanship is knowhow, exclusivity and tradition, but without leaving behind the ability to innovate ", has added.


According to a study conducted by the Ministry of Economy, most of the craft enterprises are SMEs run by people who take several decades doing the activity and billed around 24.000 annual euros. Marketing channels most used are the own sale in the shop (80%) and sales to retailers (30%), while 22% Internet sold. Three out of ten artisans rely on advertising to promote themselves and 20% exported. The crisis has also affected this sector, especially in activities related to construction, as ceramic or stone.

"These data highlight -HA said Ortiz López- it is necessary to strengthen the sector, encourage the incorporation of young tradespeople to modernize and incorporate ICT both production processes and marketing materials as, opening up new channels to increase sales globally ". In these lines will work with the Third Development Plan of Crafts, collecting proposals from representatives of the sector and aims to exploit synergies with other institutions, agencies and sectors such as tourism and culture.

The plan is structured aroundfour strategic lines: improving public governance of the Andalusian crafts; encouraging innovation and quality; improving competitiveness and capabilities of the sector; and impetus to the promotion and marketing of craft products.

In the first line, the territorial delegate highlighted some measures, such as updating the repertoire of crafts and creating a platformsimplification of proceduresadministrative. In the line ofencouraging innovation and quality craftsmanship, They will be convenedaid to promote the incorporation of craft enterprises todigital economy, its modernization and expansion, with finacing Feder Funds; and they will turn to perform actions to give public recognition to the sector, Like theAndalusia Craft Awards and the distinctive 'Andalucía, Quality Craft '.

The third strategic line aimsimprove competitiveness and capabilities of artisans and artisans through aNew Generational Handover Plan, with support also co-financed with Feder; andself-supporting entrepreneurship and second chance, as well as training and support lines in collaboration with the Ministry of Employment and Andalucía Emprende, inter.

Last, the fourth line focuses on boostingpromotion and marketing of craft products, measures as aCommon brand image which will facilitate its positioning in the market and provide them value; aappMobile will bring together the whole range of the sector in Andalusia; greater involvement of craft enterprises infairs tourism and hospitality; the urge tointernationalization of the sector, with the support of Extenda, for what is planned a package of shares 2,5 million budget; andaid to municipalities and other local corporations to encourage the creation of spaces for the promotion and sale of handicrafts artisans including visits to schools and students to their workshops to publicize his office. Also, they will turn to celebrateEuropean Days of Crafts on April.

The artisan sector in Almería

In Almería, the sector now has65 artisans registered, of which10 They are Master Craftsmen, for their outstanding achievements (for their expertise, maintaining a job or promotion of their activity). They are also10 the Points of Interests Craft dedicated to pottery and ceramics, recording and printing techniques, heddle fabric and leather under.

The province is home to one of 10Areas of Artisanal Interest in Andalusia, Macael-Almanzora Valley, recognized in November 2013 and which includes 15 workshops involving nearly half of the total craftsmen of the sector in the autonomous community.

Also, From artisans boast the distinctive'Andalusia, craftsmanship ', guaranteeing the origin and quality of craft products Andalusian, plus giving them a differentiation to boost marketing at European level.