Two students win the provincial phase Vera Literary Contest 'Solidarity letters'


The Government delegate presided over the awards ceremony of this school competition of short stories about solidarity, peace and equality

Clara and Maria Alvarez Martinez Fernandez Oliver, college students 'Catholic Kings' and the institute 'The Palm', respectively, They have been winners of the provincial phase of the fourteenth edition of 'Solidarity of Arts', school literary contest organized by the ministries of Equality and Social Policies and Education in order to promote solidarity attitudes and ideas and spread the values ​​of peace, freedom, equality and justice among younger. This short story competition is aimed at students from any public school, concluded or private Primary and Secondary. It has two categories: la A, to students in grades 5 and Primary 6; and B, for 1st and 2nd of Secondary Education.

The Government delegate of the Board, Grace Fernandez, has presided over the awards - three per category – the provincial phase of the competition in which they have participated 95 school (84 Primary and 11 Secondary) of 15 centers. The event was also attended by the provincial coordinator of Volunteer and Citizen Participation, Laura Negrillo.

Winning stories

In category A, Clara has won Fernández Martínez, CEIP Reyes Catholics, de Vera. Your account, 'The joint patrol', He has won first prize in this category: an electronic tablet. The second prize - a digital camcorder- It has been to Judith Fernandez Aliaga, CEIP Angel Frígola, La Mojonera, for his story 'The army of the Earth'. And the third - a media player MP4- He has fallen to David Martin Maturana, CEIP Andalucía, Santa Maria del Aguila (El Ejido), by 'I feel the need to help'.

The story 'Journal C' Maria Alvarez Oliver, student of IES 'The Palm' Vera, He has won the first prize in the category B: an electronic tablet. The second prize - a digital camcorder- It has been for Pablo Perez Garcia, IES 'Maestro Padilla', for his story 'Give a hand', and the third - MP4 player- Paula Garcia Alvarez, IES 'Cruz de Caravaca' Almeria, by the story 'We must join together not to be but to do something together'.

Speaking, the government delegate of the Board stressed that, through stories, Children participating in the contest show 'a critical view of reality, from the originality and authenticity of childhood, sensitivity to situations of injustice and their desire for a more equal society '.

'With your written work you have become protagonists of solidarity and commitment you show that the values ​​of justice, Peace and equality are not old ', He said Gracia Fernández.

The event was a performance by the duo of 'solidarity rap' Arts and Alberto Ramón Rodríguez, two school Primary 6 Andalucía CEIP Santa Maria del Aguila, who they won the first prize of poetry Literary Contest XXIII El Ejido last April.

The winning stories on the regional stage of 'Solidarity of Arts' will be selected from among the first prizes in each province and category. Coinciding with the celebration of 'International Volunteer Day', an act of public recognition and awards ceremony will be held. Also, It is scheduled to publish selected papers in a storybook.