Diputación creates a platform in ‘Filming Almería’ to promote locations

Manuel Guzmán presents with Nico Fernández Filming's guide to film locations. The Diputación de Almería disseminates the excellence of the province's natural decorations for the seventh art through the pioneering project Locations 360º.

The Diputación de Almería disseminates the excellence of the province's natural decorations for the seventh art through the pioneering project Locations 360º.

It is a new space included in the web filmingalmeria.es in which any Internet user can learn about different locations in Almería interactively, moving virtually through 360º images that convey to the user the sensation of stepping on these scenes.

This new location platform has already been launched and is born with eight spaces to which other points of the province will soon be added until the inventory of locations in Almeria is completed for the filming of any audiovisual project.

Diputación carries out this initiative through ‘Filming Almería’, Provincial Film Office, with the aim of offering new means to disseminate and promote locations in the province among professionals in the national and international film industry.

360º technology allows different spaces to be highlighted in an interactive catalog that serves as a tool for locators, production companies and professionals to choose the province of Almería when making their productions.

With added value in the current health situation, since with the reduction in mobility due to the pandemic, it is a very interesting instrument for locators who will be able to offer foreign producers these locations without the need to travel.

The deputy for Culture and Cinema, Manuel Guzman, has explained that 360º Locations of ‘Filming Almería’ supposes “a milestone in the promotion of our land as a natural film set for any audiovisual work”.

“It is a work of enormous quality that has been carried out by people from Almeria and is that, in addition to the fantastic scenarios that we have, the great treasure of Almería as a land of cinema are our magnificent professionals, that are increasingly prepared and are in high demand among audiovisual professionals”, He has moved.

In this sense, the deputy recalled that from the Almería Provincial Council “We continue working to improve the audiovisual sector of the province”. “This platform solves the needs of national and international production companies and will help localizers and professionals from Almería. It is a new commitment from the president of the Provincial Council that sees the light in favor of our cinema as a strategic axis of the actions of the Government of the province”, It has been claimed

The 360º Locations platform of ‘Filming Almería’ has been made by Nico Fernández, through your Digital Master company, and has had the collaboration of companies, associations and professionals like Pitavalley, Crossover, Almeriacine, Zen Laboratory, Parisgraphic and Alberto Asensio.

For his part, Nico Fernández has stated that “we have created a professional and informative tool”. “The user who enters will find a map of Almería in which he can click on the location that interests him and will access the real environment of the location in a 360º photo on which more content of professional utility appears, such as filming carried out., Access, distance to the airport, weather information, information about the position of the sun, color palettes, useful data that will serve any producer in the world who decides to come closer to shoot”, explained.

The platform, that will soon grow with new locations, has been launched with the following natural spaces in the province: Canteras de Macael Roads from Bacares to Velefique Guardias Viejas Castle (El Ejido) Castle of San Juan de los Terreros (Pulpí) Cocedores Beach (Pulpí) Mónsul Beach (Nijar) Rodalquilar beach (Nijar) Rambla and Llano del Búho (Taverns).

The tool is expandable in time and space, so that city councils and companies and professionals in the sector can use it to their benefit with the common purpose of attracting productions to Almería and disseminating and promoting natural wealth, historical and heritage of the province through the seventh art and its history. 360º locations can be consulted at filmingalmeria.es